Online Dating: Can You Use Online Dating Apps Without Texting And Still Succeed?

Online Dating: Can You Use Dating Apps Without Texting And Still Succeed?Texting isn’t your thing.

You have never had much luck with it.

When you have texted someone of romantic interest in the past, something has been lost in translation, and you have lost out on the person.

This has habitually left you with a substantially bad feeling.

A sense that you have just lost out on someone who would have been compatible with you if only you were better at texting.

Now that you are on dating apps, there is a fear that history is set to repeat itself.

The thought of matching with a girl on a dating app, only to lose her on account of your poor texting ability is worrisome.

You don’t want to go through this over and over again.

It’s akin to torture.

This begs the question.

Can you use dating apps without texting and still succeed?

Yes, you can succeed on dating apps without texting.

Encourage your matches to go to your social media page.

This isn’t unusual behavior on a dating app.

In leaving a link to your social media on your dating profile or in your first text message to your match, your social media page becomes a tool that is used to generate further interest in you.

A match that likes what she sees on your social media page is compelled to follow you and open a conversation with you.

What you would have found difficult to convey about yourself and personality through text messaging, you get to convey properly through your social media.

A good number of her questions about you are quickly answered by what she sees in your social media, and this is done without having to get into a texting conversation with her on a dating app.

Once you accept her friend request, your first DM exchange can be you giving her your phone number.

A girl that is impressed with what she saw on your social media is open to taking your phone number or giving you hers, being that she believes that she already has a good sense of what your life and personality is like on account of information gleaned from your social media page.

This is how you completely bypass having to do any texting when you match with a woman on a dating app.

In a scenario where you don’t have a good social media page, or no social media, you will have to create a very good dating profile.

Fill it with captivating photos of yourself involved in activities you love, and write a bio that is filled with your charming personality and wit.

When you get a match, provide your phone number to her in the first message exchange, or better, ask her out on a date.

Though this strategy seems a bit too hasty, there are women on dating apps who are open to it, as long as you have a riveting dating profile.

In this case, a fascinating online dating profile is what does the talking for you.