Online Dating: Cancelling A Second Date After Realizing You’re Not Interested?

Online Dating: Cancelling A Second Date After Realizing You're Not Interested?

It is better to cancel that second date, even though you initially agreed to it, than to go on a second date that you know you will be mentally absent from.

You probably realized at some point after the first date that there was something that you simply weren’t connecting with.

You no longer looked at the prospect of meeting this person again gleefully.

Perhaps you initially agreed to that second date while you were caught up in the excitement of the first date.

However, you have now had time to reflect and you know that you most certainly don’t want to go on a second.

It is best to cancel it.

You are both online dating to find a compatible match.

Now that you have had time to reflect since the first date and you realize that you simply aren’t interested in seeing this person again on a second date, you would be wasting both yours and this other person’s time if you were to go on the date.

You may feel bad about having agreed to that second date initially.

But, it will be a lot worse if you were to go on this second date knowing full well that you are no longer romantically interested in this person.

You would actually be doing the both of you a favor if you went ahead and cancelled this second date.

This person doesn’t want to get their hopes up on someone who isn’t into them.

If you show up on a second date, you would be sending the message that you are into this person.

This will make the person all the more invested in getting to know you.

When you already know that you aren’t interested in this person, you would be giving them false hope by allowing this perception to persist.

Any thought about the awkwardness of cancelling this second date should be wiped out by understanding how much more awful it would be for you to lead someone else on.

That is what you would be doing if you don’t cancel this second date and instead go ahead with it worried that you would come off as a bad person if you didn’t.

You will come off as a considerate person who isn’t looking to lead anyone else on if you went ahead and cancelled that second date.

You are both on an online dating site in search of a compatible match.

This person may initially be sad at the cancellation, but you would have spared them another day or week of being hopeful about how this second date will turn out.

Think about all of the emotional investment they would be making in you in the days leading up to the second date, not to mention if they were to continuously contact you during that time in the hopes of trying to get to know you better.

If you cancel the second date, you would be sparing this person all of that time, effort and emotional investment.

They will get over the initial sadness of not being able to see you again on a second date and soon move on to finding someone new on the dating site.

You owe this to yourself, to this other person and to just plain decency.