Online Dating: Is It Rude For A Woman To Let A Man Pay For Her Meal Even When She Knows She Isn’t Interested?

Online Dating: Is It Rude For A Woman To Let A Man Pay For Her Meal Even When She Knows She Isn't Interested?

It isn’t.

When you take a woman out, you are assuming the risk that she may or may not like you during the course of the date.

It doesn’t matter if you initially met this woman on an online dating site.

When you ask her out, you are assuming the risk that this first date may not result in romantic interest.

She chose to meet you in the first place due to the connection that you both had on the dating site.

That was great.

You had her interest piqued.

She took the time to prepare for the date and go to it.

She was hoping that this first date would work out.

It didn’t.

As you continue online dating, you will learn that not everyone that you have chemistry with on an online dating site is going to have chemistry with you in real life.

She attended that date with the hopes that the connection that the both of you experienced on the online dating site would be there in real life.

It wasn’t.

This wasn’t her fault.

She hoped just as much as you that her experience with you on that first date would be just as electric as it has been on the dating site.

It wasn’t.

It isn’t on her to then tell you that she would much rather pay for her meal.

There are some women who will do this when they realize that they aren’t interested in the guy as the first date has progressed and that is up to them.

However, this isn’t a hard and fast rule that all women should abide by.

As the man who asked this woman out on a first date, you are assuming the risk that this first date may or may not turn out well.

There are no guarantees that the chemistry will be there between the both of you in real life.

Human beings aren’t prescient.

We don’t have the ability to know how an event will turn out.

All we can do is go to it and hope for the best.

She took the time to prepare for this first date.

She gave you a chance in showing up for it.

It didn’t work out.

It wouldn’t be rude of her to let the man pay for a meal that he initiated in the first place by asking her out.

If women were to develop the mindset that they mustn’t go to a date unless they had some kind of absolute knowledge that the date will work out, many women won’t agree to go on a first date in the first place.

Is that what you want?

Women give you a chance by accepting that first date.

It is a risk.

It may or may not work out.

However, they give you that chance when they accept it.

You are assuming the financial risk if the date doesn’t work out.

Expecting the woman to pay for the meal when she knows that she isn’t interested would be akin to making a risky financial investment and then asking for your money back when it all goes bust.

That isn’t how risk-taking works.

Dating is no different.

Instead of being upset about paying for the meal of a woman who ended up not feeling a romantic connection with you, take this as a learning experience.

You will not always have chemistry with people that you connected with on an online dating site in real life.

The sooner you get this, the sooner you will reach your goal of meeting the right match for you.