Online Dating: Do Long Answers Scare People Off?

Online Dating: Do Long Answers Scare People Off?

Whenever you get a question from a match on a dating app, you give long answers.

It’s who you are.

You believe that any match who asks you a question deserves a proper answer.

It doesn’t mean that every single question warrants a long answer.

You aren’t that anal.

However, you do believe in giving long answers to questions that warrant long answers.

This being said, you are worried about the effect of continually doing this with your matches.

That begs the question.

Do long answers scare people off?

They don’t.

A match that is curiously interested in you won’t be scared off by a long answer.

He asked you the question after all.

He wants to know.

If anything, he is pleasantly surprised that you chose to answer his question with a long and well-thought-out reply.

This sets you apart from other women he matches with on a dating app.

Most of these women aren’t as detailed in their replies to his questions.

The truth is, several of these women are giving him one-word or one-phrase answers.

Such is the nature of the replies sent by a sizable number of women on dating apps.

Since women receive substantially more matches on dating apps than men do, they don’t have to devote that much energy or effort into extemporaneous conversation.

Droves of men on dating apps complain about the lackluster replies they receive from women they match with on dating apps, if they get any at all.

Ergo, in giving him a long answer, you are absolutely setting yourself apart from so many women on a dating app.

Instead of scaring him off, your long answer excites him, making him that much more curious about you.

The only thing you mustn’t do with long answers is meander off topic.

This is where you bore a guy, causing him to start losing interest.

Keeping this in mind, be careful about how you go about answering his question.

Reading your reply to his question mustn’t feel like a chore or a job.

Any sense of this has him skipping over parts of your reply.

This creates a disconnect.

A disconnect leads to a lackluster reply, if you get any reply at all.

Bear this in mind.

Do not meander into different topics that have little bearing on the original question.

A long-winded answer for the sake of it isn’t a good strategy to how you go about replying to a question you have been asked by a match.

This is where you actually end up scaring people off.

After struggling to get through your long-winded reply, he worries that asking you a new question in his reply is sure to lead to yet another meandering monologue.

That thought is scary.

The idea that you have no qualms about meandering off topic gives him the impression that you are more into listening to the sound of your own voice than anything else.

Granted, this voice would be in a text format, but you get the point.

As long as you don’t do this, you won’t scare men off.