Online Dating: Feeling Invisible?

Online Dating: Feeling Invisible?

It’s terrible, this feeling.

After starting online dating with all the hopes in the world, those dreams are crushed with each passing week as your dating profile is ignored and your messages aren’t responded to.

You feel invisible.

That is actually putting it mildly.

To get really technical for a moment, someone invisible cannot be seen by the naked human eye.

In your case, some people on dating sites have seen your dating profile and your messages and chosen not to act.

In some ways, that is even worse than invisible.

At least, when you are invisible, in the technical sense of the word, no one is capable of seeing you.

When some people have seen you on an online dating site or app and still chosen to ignore you, that has got to feel even worse.

Listen, you are preaching to the choir.

There are a lot of men who feel invisible after a few weeks of online dating.

You are in good company.

How did these guys turn it around?

For one, you should be on the right dating site or app for you.

Don’t just join any dating site for its popularity.

A popular dating site isn’t always the answer.

For who you are, a smaller dating site that speaks to the person you are may be more appropriate.

Look into that.

Your photos have to be really good.

If you aren’t a good-looking guy, focus on posting photos that show you doing fun activities that you love.

These activities alone attract.

Some women forgive the looks when other areas are attractive.

Your bio.

Make it fun.

Tell funny stories.

Be descriptive.

Do not let the sadness you feel about your invisibility bleed into what you write.

Women easily pick up on men who are feeling sorry for themselves and abandon dating profiles like this quicker than you can say, “She’s outta here!”

Be positive in what you write.

That energy transfers into whoever is reading your dating profile, giving you a better chance at getting them to message you.

Finish your bio with a question directed at the visitor.

This gives the woman something she can use to open a message with you.

Ending with a fun question on your bio makes it easy on her.

Leaving her to come up with a topic for a conversation opener on her own only makes it easier for her to abandon that attempt altogether.

Let’s say you find the right dating site for you, post many eye-catching photos of yourself doing fun activities, write a great upbeat bio with humor and detail, and yet, people continue to make you feel invisible by ignoring you?

At this point, you need to consider using the dating site or app at peak hours.

These are the hours that most people are actively on.

Logging into your account at peak hours increases the chances that these people see your dating profile and messages while both parties are actively logged into the site.

Peak hours vary depending on the dating site or app, but generally, they fall between 6pm-10pm.

Make it a habit to only use the site during these times instead of logging in throughout the day and sending messages that are never responded to.

Try doing this for the next few weeks and there is a good chance that you experience different results.