Online Dating: When Guys Immediately Refer To You As “Honey” Or “Dear”?

Online Dating: When Guys Immediately Refer To You As "Honey" Or "Dear"?

They are testing you to see whether you let them keep referring to you as “honey” or “dear”.

They are hoping you do.

This is his way of getting you to feel more special.

He wants you to think that he is setting you apart from everyone else on the online dating site.

The more you hear those words and allow him to keep using them in reference to you, the more giddy you feel.

At least, that is what he hopes.

Soon, he is hoping that you start referring to him with a special word.

Maybe you call him “honey” back or you come up with some other endearing word for him.

Getting you to start doing this makes him feel like he is succeeding in getting you to feel special and desired.

He has done this before.

He has had women who responded really well to those words.

He knows that they have worked wonders for him in the past and chooses to use them in his attempt to get women attached to him on a dating site.

Referring to you by those words so early lets him know how lenient you are.

It doesn’t take long for him to become a lot more brazen.

Yes, that means sex talk.

Many guys want to get to this part fairly quickly.

They want lewd episodes with the woman.

Lewd episodes of sexting gives them a preview of what it would be like to sleep with the woman.

Should you beware of men who refer to you as “honey” or “dear” this quickly into conversation?


These words lead to a lot more explicit ones in a very short time.

Even if it feels like he is a sweetheart, letting him get away with referring to you with those words normally leads to the type of conversation that you weren’t prepared to start having with this guy this soon.

These are men who want to dictate the tenor of your conversations right away.

This gives them overall control.

You don’t realize it, but as you are getting to know them and beginning to embrace their charm, you are getting used to hearing them refer to you with those words.

Yes, you thought it was a bit too presumptuous at first for him to refer to you by those words, but you let it slide, choosing instead to continue chatting with him.

Maybe you thought he was good-looking or there was something about his dating profile that caught your eye.

Now, you have been chatting with him for weeks and don’t even realize that you have gotten used to him referring to you as “honey” or “dear” to the point where it affects you when he suddenly stops using it.

You just noticed that in your last conversation with him, he didn’t refer to you as “honey” or “dear” and that has taken you aback.

Why didn’t he?

You have another conversation with him and yet again, he doesn’t use those words.

Why did he omit using those words yet again?

Is he upset with me?

Did I say or do something wrong?

You start asking yourself all these questions.

Soon, you get anxious.

He didn’t message you the other day.

That is not like him. He normally messages you every day.

What is going on?

You get more and more anxious.

Before you know it, you are sending him fairly desperate messages asking him about his whereabouts.

This is when he has you.

From here, he controls your thoughts and emotions. He makes you feel however which way he wants you to feel, whenever he wants.

The guy you hoped would become a relationship partner becomes your addiction.

All thanks to these words, “honey” or “dear”.

Words that he started referring to you by way too early.

If you choose to carry on with this guy, do so with caution.

Hopefully, he is just a hopeless romantic who got ahead of himself.

If he isn’t, you know the behavior to look for.