Online Dating: Messaging Someone Famous?

Online Dating: Messaging Someone Famous?

Famous or not, this is a human being.

Remember that.

People freak out whenever they see or talk to someone famous.

All that dopamine released in their brains gets them unbelievably psyched up, sending shots of euphoria throughout their bodies.

Their thoughts instantly go to something that the famous person has done in the past that made them happy.

A song.

A book.

A movie.

A news report.

A radio broadcast.

A podcast.

Whatever this famous person is known for, you become susceptible to remembering it and dwelling on that euphoric feeling that the thought infuses in you.

Messaging this famous person while in near-orgasmic throes isn’t a good idea.

Temper down.

Messaging a famous person that you have found on an online dating site while in this euphoric state of mind is a one way ticket to not getting a response from them.

They already know that they are famous.

They have already had a bunch of people message them on account of this alone.

These people are either die-hard fans or people who are curious about having seen a famous person on a dating site.

Their messages stink.

They are solely focused on the person’s fame, not what the famous person wrote in their bio.

Many of them are already blocked.

Do you want to be in that camp?

Obviously, you don’t.

So, temper your emotions.

Let the dopamine subside.

With a clear mind, ask yourself why you want to message this famous person that you have discovered on the dating site.

If it is solely for the fame and the celebrity crush that you have had for this person through the years, don’t even bother messaging.

Your reason for messaging must be genuine.

A famous person who has gone as far as putting a dating profile up in a venue where they know that they will be recognized has gotten to this point for a reason.

They have had a hard time meeting people they connect with in their real life circles.

Whenever they have had relationships with people that they have romantically connected with in real life, it hasn’t worked out.

Most of these people were either famous themselves or were hangers-on that they trust within their inner circle.

Those who were already famous caved to the pressure of too much outside attention, making them neglect their relationship obligations.

The hangers-on were mostly enamored by the famous person and never saw that famous person for who they truly were, someone who was just as flawed as any other regular human being.

A lasting connection is impossible to foster when all a hanger-on cares about is being with and around a famous person.

All these relationships were doomed to fail.

Although this famous person expected that a good number of people would get overly excited about spotting them on a dating site, they still chose to join anyway, hoping to expose themselves to as many dating prospects as possible.

Though famous, it isn’t always easy to meet a lot of compatible people when you are really only able to hang around other famous people or hangers-on.

This famous person is already prepared to receive a slew of worthless messages from fans, many of whom they quickly block.

Be different.

If you genuinely believe that you are only interested in messaging this person out of an abundance of common interests, your message needs to stick with that common interest and mention nothing of this person’s work or what they are famous for.

Your message should have no indication whatsoever that you know this famous person.

So many people fall into the trap of sending messages like this: “Hey Jane or John Doe, loved you in X movie…”

No and no.

Doing this puts you in the same box as everyone else and you are now blocked.

Instead, treat this famous person as you would any regular person.

Send a message that addresses something in common that you both share.

Provide some interesting information about that common interest that they may not know about.

For example, if you both have mountain climbing in common, provide a quick anecdote about your time climbing a well-known or obscure mountain and follow that up with some information about that mountain that is useful.

This is how you create the spark of interest that captures the famous person’s attention.

Maybe they have always wanted to climb that mountain, already have or have never heard of it and are now curious about it.

They instantly connect with you regardless.

You are also a breath of fresh air.

They are so used to getting die-hard fans messaging them with nonsense.

You took the time to send a proper message without any reference whatsoever to their fame.

Remember, if this person wanted to stick to dating only famous people, they wouldn’t have chosen to join a regular dating site.

They are clearly looking for a regular person.

If you treat the famous person like a regular person, you are giving them what they want.

Once you send the message, leave it.

Don’t message them again after not having heard from them in days or weeks.

This is another way to get yourself blocked.

There are no guarantees that they reply to your message.

Your best chance of getting a reply is to just send the one message.

Without a doubt, many people have chosen to send multiple messages upon not getting a response and this has only led to getting blocked.

Don’t follow this example.

Set yourself apart by sending only one message.

Showing this restraint after having sent an excellent first message that makes no reference whatsoever to the person’s fame just might get you that coveted response at a time you least expect it.