Online Dating: He Is Married And He Just Blocked Me After Weeks Of Long Conversations And Sexting?

Online Dating: He Is Married And He Just Blocked Me After Weeks Of Long Conversations And Sexting?

In many of these situations, a married man blocking you after weeks of long conversations and sexting is preplanned.

Dating apps have given many married men an escape from their marital issues.

Many of them surreptitiously join dating apps hoping to get something that they aren’t getting from their wives at home.

Whether it be attention, respect, excitement, praise, sex, etc.

It starts with porn sites for many of these married men.

Porn sites reach a point where they are just too impersonal.

Soon, these married men need more.

They need to feel not just a physical release, but an emotional boost.

That’s where dating sites come in.

Here, they are able to meet regular women who give them a sense of relevancy.

They use fake names on their dating profile so as not to be found out too easily by the wife or someone who knows the couple.

They start talking to women and within weeks they are hooked.

This is so different from seeking relief or release on porn sites.

These are real women who make these married men feel a certain way that their wives aren’t making them feel.

These men have lost something in their marriage.

Something that counselling, which they most likely haven’t undertaken with any sustained effort, never fixed.

They have either addressed these issues to their wife, only to have fallen on deaf ears or they haven’t addressed these issues at all.

It is easier to find whatever is missing somewhere else.

They have reached such a point of monotony in their married lives that trying to suggest or work on something to drastically shake things up for the better feels impossible.

You are not the first person that he has had long, intricate conversations with and sexted.

There have been others.

All of those ended where yours just did.

He blocked them.

Many married men get involved with women that they meet online knowing full well that they can only take it so far.

They push it for weeks, sometimes months, but it ultimately ends at the same place.

Once it gets too much and they know that emotions of both parties are getting too heated, they block the woman.

They are still married.

They had no intention of leaving their wives in the first place.

That wasn’t why they joined an online dating site.

They just wanted to relieve that itch.

They wanted to excise those desires by commandeering the attention of someone outside of their marriage.

You were that person.

Having these long conversations with you for the last few weeks have been a lifesaver to their previously weakened confidence, sense of self-esteem and happiness.

The sexting made it only better.

Weeks have now passed and just like the women before you, he knows that letting this go on for much longer only increases the chances of both parties becoming too attached and his wife finding out.

He blocks you.

He intends to get back into chatting with someone else once his emotions taper off.

You have given him a temporary reprieve from his marital issues but it is only temporary.

As long as his marital issues persist, he will continue to avail himself of the relief that online dating sites provide.

His intent is to find someone new to have these conversations with on the dating site when ready.

You should avoid trying to get in touch with him.

Even if you do, he will only tell you things that you want to hear to appease you knowing full well that his stint with you is over.

Hanging on to a married man who was never fully emotionally and logistically available to you, sends you down a deep rabbit hole that only causes more and more desperation.