Online Dating: He Moved To “Unmatched”. Did He Report Me?

Online Dating: He Moved To "Unmatched". Did He Report Me?

As you were having an ongoing conversation with him, something came up and you were incapable of replying without a brief delay.

You intended to get back to the conversation once you were done with your real life chores.

It didn’t take longer than an hour or two to get back to his message.

When you got back to the dating app to reply to his message and resume the ongoing conversation, you saw that he had unmatched with you, and you got nervous.

Your first instinct was that he had blocked you and consequently reported you to the dating app, upset that you hadn’t responded to his last message sooner.

You already know that there are people on dating apps who get upset when they don’t get an immediate reply to a message they sent.

It has you freaked out.

In moving to “unmatched,” did he report you?

It’s highly unlikely that he reported you, as long as you didn’t insult him in the conversation you were having with him.

Yes, there are people who get impatient when they don’t get a quick reply to a message, and unmatch someone.

But they rarely report the person unless the person insulted them.

You didn’t.

You simply didn’t reply as fast as he wanted you to.

An hour or two of a delayed response is way too impatient on his part.

Unfortunately, dating apps have spoiled people into thinking that everyone should be quick in responding.

The digital world is fast-paced and many people expect a reply to be as fast as a message sent.

Keeping this in mind, don’t feel too bad about getting unmatched by this guy.

Given his impatience, it wasn’t going to work out between you anyway.

He is about getting what he wants when he wants.

This mindset is harmful to a relationship, and incompatible with what you want.

It is unlikely you were reported by this guy.

If you were reported on something that the dating app considers egregiously bad, you would have seen the result of it by now.

This would be in the form of a warning or an account blockage.

Has anything like that happened?

If it hasn’t, you haven’t been reported by this guy to the dating app.

Even if he reported your dating profile, which is highly unlikely, a dating app always uses discretion when it comes to what they do to an account that has been reported.

You can imagine the sheer number of frivolous reports a dating app receives from members who get upset over any frivolous thing.

A dating app is smart enough to know that it can’t terminate everyone’s dating app simply because a member was upset that a match took an hour or two to reply to a message.

A dating app is fully aware that everyone has disparate schedules, and a match isn’t always available to reply promptly to every message received.

The app has a record of the last conversation he had with you, and how long it took him to unmatch from your dating profile after sending his last message to you.

Once the app sees it only lasted an hour or two, it knows how ridiculous the complaint is and won’t take it seriously.