Online Dating: Why Do So Many Say They’re Looking For Someone “Loving”?

Online Dating: Why Do So Many Say They're Looking For Someone "Loving"?

As far as you are concerned, everyone for the most part on a dating app is looking for someone “loving“.

This is why it always gives you pause whenever you see a dating profile with a guy stating that he is looking for someone “loving”.

It seems redundant.

Why do so many say they’re looking for someone “loving” on dating apps?

This is a guy who has had a past relationship in the real world where an ex wasn’t empathetic towards him.

A loving partner is someone that has empathy.

An empathetic partner is nonjudgmental.

Yes, he has been judged harshly by an ex in his past relationships.

An ex-girlfriend wasn’t empathetic with him, choosing instead to judge him on his insecurities and make him feel self-conscious about them.

Yes, this affected him mentally.

Now that he is looking for a new partner on a dating app, he doesn’t want an encore.

He wants someone loving.

Unfortunately, the manner in which this ex-girlfriend treated his insecurities had an immediate and persistent effect of making him feel worse about them.

Soul-searching on his part was crucial.

Fortunately, he did the work on himself and got to a better place mentally.

Now that he is on a dating app to find a new partner, he doesn’t want to meet a partner who has a capacity to reinvigorate or rekindle those insecurities.

Besides a guy who wants to avoid a partner who isn’t empathetic, there are guys who say they’re looking for someone “loving” in their dating profile to stave off women who aren’t emotionally ready for a relationship.

Using the word “loving” in this instance, is code for his desire to only match with women who are emotionally intelligent enough to know that they are ready for a relationship.

Unfortunately, he has matched with women in the past who gave him the impression that they were emotionally available for a relationship.

After weeks of conversation, and dates, he learned the hard way that this was never the case.

She tells him that she isn’t over an ex, or that she doesn’t think she is at a stage in her life where she is ready for a relationship.

Even worse, sometimes, the woman ghosts him.

Just like that, she stops replying to his messages or answering his phone calls.

He wasted weeks or months of his time courting a woman who was never emotionally available to him in the first place.

She misled him, and he is upset.

After a number of experiences like this with women he matches with on a dating app, he decides to protect himself from future occurrences.

He uses the word “loving” for what he is looking for in a partner.

To you, it sounds redundant or too on the nose.

To him, it is imperative.

He hopes that anyone who is tempted to swipe right on his dating profile gets the message.

He strictly wants to match with women who are ready to date and open to love.

With this caveat, he hopes to avoid investing weeks or months into courting a match that ends up being a complete waste of his time.