Online Dating: Enjoyed Our Video Chat But Physical Attraction Was “Meh.” Should I Still Propose A Meeting In Person?

Online Dating: Enjoyed Our Video Chat But Physical Attraction Was "Meh." Should I Still Propose A Meeting In Person?

Video chats aren’t always the best indicators of whether you would be physically attracted to someone.

If you conducted a video chat with this person and they so happened to be in a room with bad lighting, it could have easily affected how they looked.

You have clearly been connecting with this girl that you met on an online dating site.

Your text conversations with her have been good.

You also enjoyed your conversation with her over video chat.

With this kind of conversational chemistry, it would be worth your while to propose a meeting in person even though you found her to be just “meh” as far as physical attractiveness while video chatting.

Again, chatting with someone over video can be tricky.

Things aren’t always as they seem.

The lighting may not be particularly good, the type of camera that she is using may not be that lucid, the camera positioning or proximity to her face may be distorting her true facial structure, etc.

In essence, there could be a number of factors that contributed to you believing that her physical attraction was “meh.”

Being that you have already had some conversations with this girl on the online dating site, you have already seen her profile photos.

Clearly, you liked those profile photos well enough for you to start and continue a conversation with her.

Take a look at those profile photos again.

You may have liked them because they were in proper lighting and at clear angles.

Hence, it may be best for you to still propose a meeting in person so as not to possibly lose out on someone who may look a lot better in real life than she appeared on video chat.

Also, if her physical attraction was “meh” on video chat, it may have been because she isn’t necessarily the kind of person who is all that comfortable with doing video chats, especially with a guy that she has only recently met on an online dating site.

She may have been fairly uncomfortable with using this particular medium at this point in time with you.

When women are uncomfortable, it will often reflect in their body language and how they present themselves.

She may have been so nervous about that video chat that this alone could have affected how she presented herself.

She may not have prepped herself in the same way a girl that you meet in a real life setting would.

Hence, when you saw her on video chat, she may not have necessarily been looking her best.

Her body language may have also been constrained.

This will often affect the muscles on her face by making them taut.

She may not have been relaxed at all, even if she was trying to appear as though she was.

All of this can affect how she comes off physically.

Her eyes which may normally be lively and effervescent may look dreary.

Her cheeks may look sunken.

Her lips may be constantly tightened in a nervous grin.

All of this discomfort can totally affect how she appeared to you on that day.

Even if she may have been wearing a color that tends to look good on her in real life, the way the camera captured it may have been to her disadvantage.

In other words, instead of accentuating her better physical features, the camera capture of that color may have dulled them.

Keeping all of this in mind and knowing that the both of you have gotten along really well in conversation so far, it would be worth it to propose a meeting in person.

Seeing her in real life could remind you of what encouraged you to chat with her on the online dating site in the first place.

She may look a lot more like her eye-catching profile photos in real life than what she looked like on video chat.