Would You Put The Fact That You Are A Homeowner On Your Online Dating Profile?

Would You Put The Fact That You Are A Homeowner On Your Online Dating Profile?

If being a homeowner is something that you are proud of and is a big part of who you are, you should put that fact in your online dating profile.

As a woman, you may be worried that putting the fact that you are a homeowner could turn off guys.

Perhaps you are worried that guys who find your dating profile will think that you are being vain or superficial.

You really shouldn’t allow that worry to stop you from doing something that makes you feel proud.

The only men who will look at the fact that you included being a homeowner on your online dating profile as a negative are insecure men.

Having your own home is a dream for most people and something that most people aspire to.

Any man that chooses to send you a negative message in relation to the fact that you are a homeowner is a man who is unhappy with where he is in life and is merely taking out his frustrations on you.

Clearly, you are a woman who takes pride in reaping the rewards of your hard work.

In wanting to include the fact that you are a homeowner on your online dating profile, you are clearly showing that you would want to attract someone into your life who is also upwardly mobile.

In other words, they are hardworking and ambitious.

They are financially stable and have a healthy approach to bettering themselves.

These are all qualities that clearly matter to you and there is nothing wrong with this.

Online dating has provided a lot of people the opportunity to meet others just like them.

If you believe that you would be most compatible with someone who has a successful career and is financially stable, that is something that you shouldn’t feel ashamed of.

The men who may send you negative messages because you stated that you are a homeowner on your online dating profile are the men that you know won’t be compatible with you.

Hence, you don’t need to worry about giving them your attention.

In fact you shouldn’t.

That is what they want.

The moment you respond to their negative message, they could easily take that as a license to keep taunting you.

This is why it is best to ignore them.

Now, the fact that you want to put that you are a homeowner on your online dating profile is all well and good.

However, it is important that you don’t fall into the trap of coming off as being too serious or businesslike on your online dating bio.

Guys still want to get the sense that you would be a fun person to be around, even the guys who would have no problem with the fact that you are a homeowner.

Sometimes, a person can get a bit too caught up in writing about their accomplishments without leaving that much room to showcase their personality.

Your personality is often what will grab the sustained attention of most men.

This is why you should ensure that your online dating profile shines a light on just how interesting and fun of a person you are.

Again, primarily focusing on touting your accomplishments will turn off most men, including the most eligible and compatible men for you.

You can include some accomplishments where appropriate but use most of your bio as a true showcase of just how fun and engaging of a person you are.

This is what will attract the right men to you and keep them around.