Online Dating: Would A Guy Be Weirded Out If A Match He Is Dating Always Says, “Text Me When You Get Home,” At The End Of Every Date?

Online Dating: Would A Guy Be Weirded Out If A Match He Is Dating Always Says, "Text Me When You Get Home," At The End Of Every Date?

You are worried that this guy thinks that you are getting a bit too girlfriend-like whenever you say things like, “Text me when you get home.”

You aren’t consciously trying to move the relationship quicker than its natural pace.

All you are doing is something that you do with family and friends.

You genuinely care about them getting home whenever they leave an engagement with you and you always tell them to text you when they get home.

Now that you have gotten to know this guy fairly well, beyond the online dating site, you are doing the same with him.

Is he weirded out?

Does he believe that you are being too premature with the girlfriend-like behavior?


Now, a lot of his perception does depend on how you behave whenever he texts you, letting you know that he got home safely.

If you usually proceed to have a conversation with him that goes back and forth for hours, he could worry that you are being too much.

He just spent several hours with you on a date and now he is spending even more hours texting you after the date ended.

This is where he easily looks at this as a way in which you are going about trying to stretch out the date.

It’s too soon for that.

He does have a life.

After a date, he wants to go do his own thing and handle his responsibilities.

If he has noticed that texting you about getting home safely has resulted in several hours of texting back and forth, he can easily become weary of this.

This is when that whole girlfriend vibe that you are worried about giving off by telling him to text you when he gets home becomes all too real.

It is all in your approach.

If he has texted you at the end of these dates letting you know that he got home safely and you have acknowledged the message with a, “Thank you,” or “Great. Have a good night,” or something to that end, without trying to start a new conversation with him over text, you have nothing to worry about.

Rather than being weirded out, most guys find it endearing that a girl or a match that they have recently started going out on dates with cares enough to tell them to text when they get home.

It gives them a preview of what life with her as a girlfriend could be like.

This doesn’t mean that you are coming on too strong at all.

The reason why the guy is dating you in the first place is to determine whether you would be a good girlfriend.

Experiencing your caring nature, among other attributes that he is observing about you, plays a big part in helping him determine whether you would be a good girlfriend.

Remember that his perception all depends on how you behave after he has sent that text.

A brief message acknowledging it is enough.

If he tries to have a conversation with you, resist the temptation to prolong the night.

It can be so tempting to keep texting him for the rest of the night, especially when he is the one encouraging it by making conversation.

Exercise restraint and end the conversation before it takes off.

Guys respect this.

It lets a guy know that you have the capability of leaving him to his own devices and giving him space.

This goes a long way in making you look like a girlfriend he aspires to be with in the foreseeable future.