Online Dating: How Important Is It To Have An Instagram?

Online Dating: How Important Is It To Have An Instagram?

There was a match on a dating app and conversation ensued.

It was going well, until she asked you for your IG.

You responded that you didn’t have one.

She quickly unmatched you without a moment’s hesitation.

This has you wondering about how important it is to have an Instagram.

Considering how active women are on Instagram, you are of the mind that it would be a deal breaker for many women if a guy doesn’t have an Instagram account.

Your take is that these women use Instagram to confirm whether a guy they have matched with on a dating app is who he says he is.

On top of this, she wants to gauge his social status or standing.

His social media gives her access to his life and insight into whether she connects with his lifestyle.

It’s a preview of what you are about.

When there isn’t an Instagram for her to go to, she has nothing to go with besides what she sees on your dating profile.

In your opinion, for a large amount of women, this isn’t enough.

You are leaning on the conclusion that you have to have an Instagram to be taken seriously by women on dating apps.

On the contrary, I am here to tell you that having an Instagram isn’t as important as you think.

A woman who unmatches with you right after finding out you don’t have an Instagram, isn’t a woman who is authentically looking to connect with a guy romantically.

Very few women unmatch with a guy based entirely on the lack of an Instagram account.

A few of these women exist, but why would you want to be with a woman like this anyway?

With such a facetious reason to unmatch with you, there are bound to be further facetious expectations on her part.

Facetious expectations that have little to do with building a healthy relationship with someone.

The majority of women who have romantic intentions won’t unmatch with you the moment they learn you don’t have an Instagram handle.

If her motivation is to verify that you are who you say you are through social media, she would simply ask you for whatever social media you use, upon learning that you don’t have an Instagram account.

More times than not, a woman who instantly unmatches with you upon learning that you don’t have an Instagram account, isn’t what she seems.

She isn’t looking to connect with a guy romantically. Instead, she is looking to take advantage of him.

Considering its widespread popularity, Instagram is filled with accounts that are created for the sole purpose of financial gain.

In a world where you have an Instagram handle, she uses your account for her financial benefit.

In getting you to become one of her many followers, she uses her increased online popularity to get lucrative sponsorships and collaborations with big brands.

This is financially beneficial to her.

Additionally, she can sell your information to a third party that is looking to spam people.

In the end, her purpose is to take advantage of you financially, as opposed to building a relationship with you that has romantic aspirations.