Online Dating: Is A Military Mess Dress Photo Attractive To Women?

Online Dating: Is A Military Mess Dress Photo Attractive To Women?

Using a military mess dress photo as one of your dating profile photos is ingenious.

Indeed, women do love a man in uniform.

Showing yourself in formal uniform chock-full of medals and wearing a dapper tuxedo is exhilarating to a lot of women.

To this end, it is a good idea to have a photo with you in military mess dress.

This being said, when you do this, you set a certain amount of expectation.

A woman that is attracted to a man in military mess dress, is often a woman who is attracted to men in the military.

Are you currently in the military?

If you aren’t, and choose to post a picture where you are in military mess dress, you run the risk of disappointing a good number of women who got the impression that you are currently in the military.

Don’t worry.

You don’t lose out on every woman.

There are women who would still be attracted to the fact that you were once in the military.

But you would keep more women interested if you are currently in the military.

Be careful not to get carried away with the military angle in how you go about writing your bio.

Don’t get too caught up on writing incessantly about the military.

The great majority of people never join the military.

Keeping this in mind, it is hard for a woman to connect with you when your bio is filled with talk about the military or military lingo.

Although many women love a guy in uniform, they still want to be able to connect with you on an eclectic range of interests.

When it seems like you are primarily about your military life and not much else, it makes it hard for her to connect with you emotionally.

Though she loves how you look in military mess dress, an inability to connect with you in other areas of interest is a ticket for her to lose interest in you.

This is especially true with a woman who is seeking a long-term partner.

On the flip side, you can get away with this with a woman who is only looking for a hookup.

A woman who is only looking for a hookup isn’t as intent on connecting with you on an emotional level, so long as you titillate her visually.

Although a photo of you in military mess dress is attractive to women, you shouldn’t leave it at that.

Your dating profile is that much more impactful when you have a few follow-up photos that show you as a military man in different locations around the world.

If you have traveled the world as a military man, you score so many more brownie points with women by posting photos of your travels.

Women on dating apps are obsessed with travel.

They are drawn to dating profiles that have men who look like they have traveled the world.

In seeing you as a military man in multiple exotic locations around the world, you give her the impression that you are someone exciting to be with and fun to talk to.

Not only would you be full of fun stories about your travels around the world as a military man, she envisions herself traveling to these exotic locations with you in the foreseeable future.