Online Dating: How Much Contact And Conversation Should I Expect From Her Before Our First Date?

Online Dating: How Much Contact And Conversation Should I Expect From Her Before Our First Date?

If you have been communicating for some time and you have now both agreed to meet on a first date, you should maintain the same amount of contact and conversation.

Even though you have both agreed to a first date, she will still expect contact and conversation to be the same as it was leading up to the both of you agreeing to a first date.

The mistake guys often make when they have a first date arranged is by either disappearing until the day of the date arrives or drastically reducing their consistency in communication.

They may have been consistently contacting and having conversations with the girl before asking her out on the first date.

The girl may have been responding well, she may have even initiated a few contacts and conversations herself.

However, once the first date is set, some of these guys disappear or communicate a lot less until the day of the date arrives.

If she has gotten used to a certain level of consistency in contact and conversation from you, you shouldn’t change that now, simply because you have arranged a first date with her.

She actually wants to keep contact and conversation going the way it was before the first date was arranged.

This is what she expects and wants.

If you were to make the mistake of reducing or completely stopping the amount of contact and conversation that you had been having with her prior to arranging the first date, she may become really discouraged.

She may have been looking forward to the first date because your conversations with her have been interesting and fun.

However, she may not be looking forward to that first date anywhere near as much if she notices that you have suddenly cut back in contacting her.

Again, she expects you to continue contacting her and having conversations the way you always had prior to the first date being arranged.

She will follow your lead at this time.

If she notices that you aren’t contacting her as much as you used to, she will do the same.

She is looking to you to lead this interaction.

Hence, she will mirror whatever you do.

She would feel really awkward in trying to contact you when she has noticed that there has been a reduction in your contact attempts since the first date was agreed upon.

She may try contacting you once but this would be done with some anxiety.

She would not want to change the dynamics of the interaction that she has been having with you.

She would want the interaction to remain constant.

She may be the kind who feels compelled to contact the guy and have a conversation with him only after he has been the one doing that multiple times.

This allows her to feel as though she is being courted. This is what she likes and expects from the guy.

However, if you were to suddenly stop or cut back in contacting her simply because the first date has been set and you are just waiting for the day of the date, she may feel tempted to initiate contact with you at some point.

Again, this would not be done with a lot of happiness because she may feel that her hand has been forced.

You have broken a pattern that she had gotten used to.

You are suddenly not contacting her as much or you aren’t at all.

This is when she becomes that much more doubtful about whether she should have agreed to this first date.

You, on the other hand, may feel that all that contact and conversation was being done to arrive at the goal of getting her to meet up with you on a first date.

Now that you have gotten her to agree to a first date, you may feel as though you can relax now, until the day of the first date.

Hence, you decide that you may contact her one more time before the first date or you may choose not to contact her at all until the day of the first date arrives.

She is noticing this behavior and she doesn’t like it.

There is a big risk that if you use this approach, she may decide not to meet up with you on that first date.

You may simply turn her off to the point where she realizes that she is just not as excited as she initially was when she agreed to the first date.