Online Dating: How To Tell If He Is A Scammer?

Online Dating: How To Tell If He Is A Scammer?

A scammer tends to use poor grammar in his online dating profile.

You may notice that there are missing words, apostrophes, punctuation, etc.

This is often a telltale sign that the profile was created by someone who isn’t a native speaker.

Scammers will often use an online translator to do a translation.

Online translators tend to lose a lot in translation. Hence, you will notice that the online dating profile has several grammatical errors that just don’t feel natural.

A good way to tell if he is a scammer is when he tries to get you to give him sensitive information about yourself too prematurely.

He may ask for your email or phone number in his very first conversation with you.

This should instantly put up a red flag.

When a guy wants this kind of information so quickly, he may have ulterior motives.

A scammer will often use your email and phone number to send you spam.

A good way to tell if he is a scammer when online dating is if he tells you a sad story about something to do with him or a close family member.

He may talk about how he has recently come into difficult times.

Perhaps he tells a story about how he was robbed or about how a close family member needs a life-saving operation.

A scammer will find ways to try to appeal to the empathetic side of you.

He hopes to manipulate you into feeling sorry for him.

He will then proceed to ask you if you would be kind enough to send him money so that he can remedy whatever sad story that he has concocted.

These sad stories are all lies.

Anyone that asks you for money on an online dating site, regardless of how sincere they seem to be, is not to be trusted.

This would be a scammer through and through.

Scammers who use this approach will often be talking to multiple people simultaneously on an online dating site in the hopes that they will get a few of those people to fall for their lies and send them money.

A good way to tell if he is a scammer when online dating is if he tends to contradict the minute details of his concocted stories.

You may get into a conversation with him and he tells you something that he later contradicts in another conversation.

You have to pay really close attention to what he tells you.

A scammer will often find it hard to be consistent with the lies that they tell the longer that they correspond with you on an online dating site.

Especially when it comes to the minute details.

Again, pay attention to what he tells you in the conversations that you have with him.

There is a good chance that you will soon notice that he has contradicted himself a few times.

For example, he may have gotten into a discussion with you about a particular family member by the name of John at some point in time on the online dating site.

However, in a later conversation that you have with him, he may start talking about that particular family member again and call him Steven instead.

This is often a massive red flag.

Keeping up with fabricated names is often the Achilles’ heel when it comes to scammers.

They will often mistake names because they are so focused on the overall fabricated stories that they are trying to tell.

Always watch for contradictions in what he is telling you.

Contradictions are often a telltale sign that you are dealing with a scammer.