Why Would Anyone Send Money To Someone That They Met On An Online Dating Website?

Why Would Anyone Send Money To Someone That They Met On An Online Dating Website?

People who are often scammed into sending money to someone that they met on an online dating website are usually emotionally vulnerable from the start.

Scammers are typically good at pinpointing people that they can take advantage of on an online dating website.

They go after the most vulnerable and susceptible to these kind of scams.

These people are often older, perhaps in their fifties and up.

Scammers know that older people who use an online dating website may not be entirely privy to how the online space works.

Older people may not be as savvy as younger people are when it comes to spotting a scammer on an online dating website.

Younger people spend so much of their lives on the internet, that it is easier for them to decipher whether they are being contacted by a scammer or not.

It may be in how the scammers profile is set up or in how the scammer communicates.

An older person is not this savvy with the online world. Hence, scammers will often go for them because they know that they are much easier bait.

These older people typically send money to someone that they met on an online dating website because they are often emotionally vulnerable and more susceptible.

These scammers will often target lonely widows or widowers.

These widows or widowers are typically missing their late spouses.

Their own children have long since left the house and have their own families.

They may have grandchildren that they see from time to time.

However, for the most part, they live alone.

They may also be retired, living on disability or working part-time.

Hence, they don’t even have the company of work colleagues during the course of the week or only get to experience this company but a couple or so times a week.

They may pick up some hobbies like knitting and gardening but they can only do so much of that.

They still need human companionship.

They decide to join an online dating website in the hopes that they can find someone to share their lives with or just someone to make them feel like they are not so alone.

This is where the scammers come in.

They target older people and prey on them.

They become a friend to an older person on the online dating website.

They make this older person believe that they are caring and compassionate.

They give the older person compliments and tell them that they are the only ones that they have been able to find a true connection with on the online dating website.

They proceed to tell the older person sad stories about a spouse that they may have also lost.

Of course, they have not lost a spouse.

They are just trying to build a stronger connection with this older person in making themselves out to be more of a kindred spirit.

These spammers talk about how they may have overcome some difficult times that had to do with their physical health or perhaps even depression.

A lot of lonely older people experience some form of depression.

This is another angle that the scammer uses to further connect with the older person.

Eventually, the older person has come to trust the scammer so much that they become incredibly saddened when the scammer tells them about a family member that is in desperate need of a life-saving operation.

This scammer then proceeds to ask this older person if they can aid them in anyway financially to help save the life of this close family member.

At this point, this older person feels such a connection to this scammer that they choose to send the scammer money.

The scammer receives it and then proceeds to completely disappear from the older person’s life.

This is why a person would send money to someone that they met on an online dating website.

They were susceptible from the start, given their age and lack of experience with the internet.

They were emotionally vulnerable, given the possibility that they may have lost a spouse or spend much of their time alone as their children would already be grown and out of the home.

Their emotional vulnerability is further compounded if they are retired, living on disability or working part-time.

This means that they have even less opportunity to be around people on a daily basis.

These are often the most vulnerable people to scammers on an online dating website.