Online Dating: If Someone Who Is In Their Late 30’s Has Been Divorced 3 Times, Is This Possibly A Red Flag?

Online Dating: If Someone Who Is In Their Late 30's Has Been Divorced 3 Times, Is This Possibly A Red Flag?

Yes, this is a red flag.

That many divorces could mean that you are dealing with a person who isn’t learning from their mistakes or is a serial wedder.

Living in a country with a high divorce rate where 1 in 2 first marriages ends in divorce, it wouldn’t be unusual for a person to go through one divorce.

2 divorces gets a little bit tougher to swallow.

The person may get a pass if they rushed into that second marriage too soon after the first.

Perhaps they were really eager to right the wrongs that were made in their first marriage.

Other people get married way too young.

A person who gets married in their late teens or very early twenties is not fully developed mentally nor do they have much real life experience.

Statistically, people who get married this young have the highest rate of divorce.

A first divorce that came about through youthful ignorance can be looked at with some empathy and understanding.

We were all that young once and we remember how little we knew about the world.

Divorces are harder to overlook as a person gets older and supposedly wiser, and 3 divorces tell a totally different story.

That sets a pattern.

Yes, you should be weary of a person that has had 3 divorces.

Statistics have shown that divorces become even more common the more marriages a person has.

The length of the marriages also get shorter with each consequent marriage.

These are just the facts.

If you are intending on getting married some day, given these numbers, this person wouldn’t be the best candidate.

There are always exceptions.

There are some people out there who have made a fourth marriage work.

This could happen to you.

But, given the numbers, are you ready to take that chance?

You have possibly already built some rapport with this person at this point in time and this has made it harder for you to figure out what to do.

This person has told you why those divorces happened.

It seems like they have been truly unlucky.

All those previous spouses turned out to be dishonest, abusive, even cheats.

So, you feel sorry for this person who was forced to go through 3 heartbreaking divorces.

They were the victim in all this.

Using this rationale to justify giving this person a chance isn’t wise.

You only have their side of the story.

You have no idea about what truly happened within those marriages.

To only take the word of this person, who you have only known for a little while and met on a dating site, wouldn’t be a smart choice.

The person is on the dating site to find a partner.

They would want to put themselves in the best light possible to attain this goal.

Given these circumstances, you can’t really believe everything that they tell you in the process of trying to convince you that they shared no blame or fault for those divorces.

No matter how amazing and attractive this person is, try not to get so caught up with your first impressions.

People often bring their best self on a dating site so as to attract the best possible mate.

It takes time to truly understand what a person is really about.

If you choose to continue talking to this person, be mindful of what they say.

If they start talking about marriage within a fairly short period of time, even in jest, beware.

A person like this is a serial wedder.

Serial wedders no longer care about what it actually means to be married.

They just want to have a spouse to fulfill their own selfish desires.

Once those desires are met, they get bored and file for a divorce.