Online Dating: Do I Trust Her Or Dump Her?

Online Dating: Do I Trust Her Or Dump Her?

By wondering if you can trust her, you suspect that she has done something behind your back.

Perhaps she has been going out on dates with other guys from the online dating site after having told you that she is only dating you.

The both of you may have agreed to an exclusive relationship already and now you are really wondering whether it is best that you dump her.

You are worried that if you were to stay on in this relationship with her, she could end up seriously hurting you emotionally.

If it is a situation where you have learned that she has been dating other guys behind your back, it is best that you dump her.

There is really no excuse for this kind of behavior.

If the both of you had already agreed to be in an exclusive relationship with each other, she shouldn’t be out dating other guys.

This means that she is someone that you simply can’t trust.

You should use a person’s actions to judge them.

If you were to confront her about the fact she has been dating other guys, she may be able to convince you not to dump her by getting emotional and telling you how sorry she is.

You may buy into this act and decide to give her another chance.

This would be a mistake.

Again, you should judge a person based on their actions, not their words.

It will most likely be just a matter of time before she decides to start dating other guys behind your back again.

Though you met each other through online dating, she may still have bad habits that she brought with her from the real world when it comes to relationships.

A girl like this may already have had a history of cheating on her relationship partners in the real world.

You may be able to do some research of your own to this end.

If you are friendly with some of her friends, you could ask them about her dating history.

There is a good chance that some of them may let you in on the fact that she has not always been the most faithful girlfriend to her previous boyfriends.

You may even be able to use some of her social media messages to help you learn more about her character.

If you notice that she has a propensity to flirt with every guy that flirts with her on social media, she is showing that she is someone who just loves this kind of attention from guys.

These are all areas that you can easily look into in order to further determine her true character.

Again, if she agreed to be in an exclusive relationship with you and you have since discovered that she has been dating other guys from the online dating site, it would be best to dump her.

If you were to confront her and allow yourself to believe her pleas and give her another chance, she will most likely do this again because she may already have a history of being unfaithful.

You should also not trust her if you are in a situation where she may have been talking to an ex boyfriend behind your back.

This is bad behavior.

If she gave you the impression that she was over her ex boyfriend and yet you have been able to determine that they are still exchanging flirtatious messages to one another, you should dump her.

This means that she is still emotionally invested in her ex boyfriend.

Hence, she will never care about you to the extent that she should.

There will always be her ex boyfriend getting in the way of her emotions and feelings.

If you were to choose to not dump her, she may ultimately dump you for her ex boyfriend.

You should never put yourself in this position.

Once you have witnessed evidence of this kind of behavior, it is best to protect yourself by dumping her and move on.