Online Dating: If You Meet Someone Long Distance, Is There A Rule Of Who Travels To Who First?

Online Dating: If You Meet Someone Long Distance, Is There A Rule Of Who Travels To Who First?

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to who travels to who first in an online dating long distance situation.

However, as a woman who is looking for a serious relationship, it is often to your benefit to have the man travel to you first rather than the other way around.

This kind of gesture and effort made by the man that you have now been corresponding with for a while often indicates just how serious he is about you.

When a man takes the time, money and effort to travel first to visit a woman that he has been communicating with through online dating, he is often showing that he is so serious about meeting the woman of his dreams that he is willing to put the time, money and effort to do so.

When you meet someone on an online dating site and you are both long distance, it can often be a challenge to keep an interaction like that going.

The distance often creates complications.

It is not so easy nor convenient to physically meet.

If there is a time difference, you will both have to coordinate what time you speak to each other so as to ensure that it is within an appropriate period for both.

Long distance interaction can be quite challenging.

When a man chooses to engage in a long distance interaction with you, there will be some questions that should come up in your head.

For one, why is he doing this?

After all, wouldn’t it be easier for him to talk to someone that lives in his locality?

This would take away all of the challenges that come with meeting each other on physical dates or communicating with each other within the appropriate time zone.

These are questions that you should always ask yourself when you are online and find yourself suddenly chatting with a man who lives at a great distance from you.

What are his intentions?

There are some men who are married or in relationships who choose to sneakily get on a dating site and communicate with women who live far away because they know that this takes away the pressure for them to ever actually meet the woman in person.

When the woman inevitably complains about not being able to see the man in person, he could always fall back on the long distance as a reason why it hasn’t happened.

He can use this excuse to string an unknowing woman along for a long stretch of time, causing her to become more and more emotionally attached to him.

He is then able to get the emotional ego boost that he needs from her without having to commit to actually meeting her, while she is left in the cold, wondering if they will ever meet in person.

This is the danger that a woman can easily run into when it comes to long distance online dating.

This is why the gesture of a man actually traveling to you first is such a big deal.

He is actually showing that he is interested in meeting you and open to what may come out of it.

Again, there is no hard and fast rule about who should travel to who first.

But, you would be able to learn a lot more about a man’s true intentions if you let him travel to you first.