Online Dating: What Is It With People Posting Profile Pictures In A Mask?

Online Dating: What Is It With People Posting Profile Pictures In A Mask?

These people who are posting profile pictures in a mask feel that they are conveying the message that everyone should stay safe and practice caution during the pandemic.

They are making it clear that whoever chooses to message them on the online dating site should understand that they are about health and safety first.

This means that if you are someone who isn’t taking the pandemic seriously and would rather not wear a mask, they would rather you don’t message them at all.

They may be really worried about the prospect of coming down with Covid-19.

They don’t want to expose themselves to it nor do they want to risk the lives of their family members, friends and coworkers by putting themselves around dating prospects who aren’t wearing face masks.

Yes, it seems unusual and for some who may be browsing through dating profiles, even frustrating.

To the frustrated, the individuals who are posting profile pictures of themselves in a face mask are belying a crucial part of the online dating process in the ability to see what a dating prospect looks like.

After all, what on earth is the point of posting profile pictures of yourself in a mask and denying a potential romantic suitor the opportunity of actually getting to see what your face looks like?

Yes, this is something that can be frustrating for many, given the special times that we are in.

However, the people who are posting profile pictures of themselves in a mask are more concerned with health and safety than with how you feel as a frustrated browser.

They want you to know that they are putting their health and that of their loved ones first.

These people want whoever visits their dating profile to understand that they also have to be wearing face masks in their daily lives and taking the pandemic seriously.

These are people who place a lot more importance in the message that they are trying to send to any potential romantic suitors than they are about the aesthetics of how they come across in their profile pictures.

They are also trying to send the message to any potential romantic suitor that the process of interacting with them and possibly eventually meeting them in person will take time.

Again, they are more concerned about health and safety.

They want you, as a potential romantic suitor, to understand that your interaction with them will not lead to a real life meeting for some time.

In other words, you are not going to be able to start a conversation with them today and ask them to meet up with you on a date this weekend.

Yes, again, this trend of seeing people posting profile pictures of themselves in a mask seems so incredibly self-defeating to you.

However, these people aren’t thinking about it in the same way you are.

They believe that wearing a face mask in their profile pictures is a reflection of how they feel at this moment in time and they want to attract someone who feels as strongly about staying safe during the pandemic as they do.

They believe that they are simply trying to attract the right person who would work best for them, just as someone who is trying to attract a dog lover may post multiple pictures of themselves and their dog.

They don’t necessarily believe that covering their face with a mask is going to detract from finding a romantic match.

If anything, they believe that the perfect romantic match for them would appreciate the importance that they are putting on health and safety during this pandemic and possibly be even more attracted to them as a result.