Online Dating: Why Do Guys Bail On Girls After Meeting?

Online Dating: Why Do Guys Bail On Girls After Meeting?

The girl may not have looked the way that they thought she would.

In other words, they may have believed that the girl would look more physically appealing than she ended up being upon meeting her in real life.

Based on this disappointment, a guy could bail on a girl after meeting her.

You may have photos on your online dating profile that make you appear to be more attractive than you naturally appear in real life.

Upon meeting you in real life, a guy may feel as though you don’t appear to be as attractive.

The guy may have even bailed after meeting you because you appeared to be heavier in size than he thought you were.

In other words, you may have had photos on your online dating profile that gave him the impression that you were of a slimmer or more athletic build.

Upon meeting you in real life, you may have been overweight or just seemed larger than what your online dating profile pictures indicated.

He may not be attracted to larger women and hence he bailed on you after meeting.

Guys also bail on girls after meeting because they may be in the process of dating multiple girls at the same time.

They may actually be trying to hook up with as many of these girls as possible.

If he met you on that first meeting and tried to get you to come back to his place afterward but you refused, he may bail on you if all he wanted was to hook up.

There are lots of guys who use online dating sites for hookups.

If the guy that you met on this first meeting was looking for a hookup and you didn’t give him that opportunity, it would be easy for him to bail on you.

This way, he can put his time and effort into finding other girls from the online dating site who may want to hook up at the end of that first meeting.

Guys also bail on girls after meeting because the girl may not be enough of a mimic of a previous girlfriend.

Unfortunately, there are certain guys who get on online dating sites in order to find a replacement girlfriend.

They may have recently gone through a bad breakup and they are finding it hard dealing with the emotional repercussions.

They then turn to an online dating site in order to find a new girlfriend so that they don’t have to deal with these heavy emotions any longer.

These guys may look for a girl who looks just like their ex girlfriend.

That girl may have been you.

Then they choose to meet you in the hopes that you will also have the mannerisms of their ex girlfriend.

Upon meeting you in this first meeting, you may not have presented enough of a resemblance to what their ex girlfriend was like.

As a result, these guys bail on you.

They are still hung up on their ex girlfriend and are having a difficult time letting her go.

They will now return to the online dating site in the hopes that they will find another girl that may be the perfect resemblance in both physique and temperament to that of their ex girlfriend.