Online Dating: I’m Only Getting Offers For ONS And FWB And I Don’t Understand Why?

Online Dating: I'm Only Getting Offers For ONS And FWB And I Don't Understand Why?

It isn’t an accident that your dating profile clearly states that you are in search of a long-term relationship.

That was the reason why you took a leap and decided to sign up on a dating app.

In this vain, you were hoping to attract men who are interested in a long-term relationship.

Unfortunately, the opposite has happened.

You only get offers for ONS (One Night Stand) and FWB (Friends With Benefits) from men you match with and it’s making you lose hope.

You don’t understand why this is happening.

There is nothing on your dating profile that gives off the impression that sex alone is what you are looking for.

Nonetheless, you are attracting men like these like bees to honey.

To date, not a single guy has seemed at all interested in anything other than a quick roll in the hay.

Here’s a little nugget of information you need to comprehend about online dating.

Many men on dating apps are there for quick fun.

They are looking for one night stands and friends with benefits.

Although their dating profiles can be deceiving.

Several of these men state that they are in search of a long-term relationship on their dating profiles, but aren’t telling the truth.

Once you match with them, it doesn’t take long before the truth comes out.

They just want to be your one night stand or friend with benefits.

Obviously, being on the receiving end of this over and over, it gets hopeless and frustrating.

Why do they lie about what they are on dating apps for?

These men lie, believing that they need to in order to match with women.

To come right out and state that he is only in search of a one night stand or friend with benefits is too much of a turn off to women, in his mind.

So he lies about his true intentions.

No doubt, these offers you have been receiving from men have left you at odds on what to do.

On the one hand, you are tempted to give up on online dating altogether, on the other hand, you have heard of people who have succeeded in meeting a long-term partner on dating apps, and this makes you want to hold on.

Yes, it is possible to meet men who are looking for long-term partners on dating apps.

Not just men who lie about it on their dating profiles.

Men who actually want a long-term partner.

Have you solely been on free dating apps?

Men who are on dating apps for sex and nothing else are cheap.

These men are less likely to pay a premium for a subscription.

Some of these subscription-based premium dating apps have free trials.

Sign up for their free trials.

This is where, for a finite period of time, you have the capability to match with and chat with paying members.

There is a true difference between men who are paying for a dating app subscription and men who aren’t.

These are men intent on finding a woman who is serious about a long-term relationship.

They tried the free dating apps and ran into the same problem you did, nothing but sex offers.

With men though, it’s normally offers of sex from escorts and adult websites.

They got fed up and paid for a subscription on a dating app designed for people looking for serious relationships.

This is where men who are serious about seeking long-term relationships are, and unlike the free dating apps, they aren’t lying about it.