Are Guys On Dating Apps Serious?

Are Guys On Dating Apps Serious?

Getting ghosted by guys you like on dating apps isn’t something you think you will ever get used to.

Nor do you want to.

The only thing worse than that is when you meet a guy and everything feels so right, then he asks you to come back to his place during the course of a first date.

Why does this keep happening to you on dating apps?

At first you took the blame for these failures.

Maybe there was something about your personality that made guys believe it was okay to ghost or ask you to come back to their place on a first date.

But, soon after, you realized that although you have had heartbreak in your dating life, it wasn’t until you started online dating that you have encountered such bad luck.

It’s not like you have never had a boyfriend.

You have had a few in life.

So, what gives?

Why such bad luck with guys you like on dating apps?

You have never had it this hard in romance and quite frankly, you are reaching a point where you want to give up on dating apps.

Maybe these online dating mishaps are trying to send you a message.

That of getting back into the real world and meeting guys the way you used to.

You have every reason to be exasperated with the men you are meeting on dating apps and the ridiculousness that ensues.

Think about the characteristics of men you are attracted to and what he looks like physically.

Is he tall?


A high earner?

Men on dating apps that fall in line with these qualities are in high demand.

Guys like this are already desired by many women in real life.

Given the significantly higher volume of dating prospects on dating apps, the attention these guys receive is amplified to the umpteenth degree.

This makes it easier for them to ghost you or ask you to come back to their place on a first date.

The mentality is simple.

In terms of ghosting you, the mentality is centered on knowing that there is always someone better vying for their attention.

In asking you back to their place on a first date, the mentality is that you either do it or the next girl in line will.

Singling out men like this on dating apps as a potential romantic prospect is where you get yourself in trouble.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue or talk to men who have the qualities you are most attracted to on dating apps, you just need to go about it the right way.

To do this, you have to separate yourself from everyone else that is vying for his attention.

Don’t be so quick to flirt with him.

Just because he gave you a sexy compliment doesn’t mean you have to return the favor.

When you play to what he wants in how the conversion develops, you surrender all the control to him.

This is where guys like this thrive.


You won’t fall in line like so many other women before you.

Conversations you have with him have to maintain a tenor that you are comfortable with.

Sure, at first, this might turn him off and he might disappear on you, but don’t worry.

You are going to creep back into his thoughts in no time because unlike all the other women who are sucking up to him, you are the complete opposite.

This is how you trigger his curiosity and the next thing he knows, he is messaging you again.

Keep up this level of independence and self-control.

Don’t be so quick to meet up with him in person either.

If he is too quick to ask you to meet up in person, turn him down.

Again, this is how you separate yourself from other women and keep him from exercising the control he is so used to having.

In time, a respect for you develops that he doesn’t have for other women who are blowing up his inbox on the dating app.

Guys like this develop the utmost respect for a woman when she has the capacity to keep him in check and deny him.

Not until you are good and ready should you entertain the idea of meeting up with him in person.

You have tamed the beast and he is no longer pushing you to meet up with him at a time of his choosing.

He has since learned that the prospect of meeting you in person is a privilege, not a foregone conclusion.