Online Dating: Is Having Different Lighting For Your Photos Okay?

Online Dating: Is Having Different Lighting For Your Photos Okay?

You have a variety of photos on your dating profile.

Some have different lighting.

It has you wondering whether this is bad for your photos.

You want to put the best foot forward with your photos, being that you know how vital they are on a dating app.

It is perfectly okay to have photos with different lighting on your dating app photos.

The most pivotal thing is that your photos are taken well, where you are easily seen and what you are doing is easily discerned.

That should be your angle.

The only time that having photos with different lighting is a negative is when the lighting of your photos is so overdone it obfuscates the image.

It’s not so much that the lighting is the issue, it is more so that the lighting is overwhelming the photos.

Is the lighting so intense it makes it that much harder to tell what is happening in the photos or makes the photos incredibly unpleasant to look at?

That is when you have created a poor experience for those who come across your dating profile.

This is where you turn them off.

So, again, the issue wasn’t that you had various photos with different lighting.

It was that the lighting was so intense, it ruined the photos, making it hard to make out what was happening in the photo.

This is what you have to watch for.

Now, something else that you need to look into when it comes to lighting is how it compliments your photos.

Do consider the type of lighting you are using.

Although lighting in various forms in and of itself isn’t a bad thing on your photos, the type of lighting can aid in enhancing your photos.

Natural daylight as lighting is the best form of lighting.

To instigate the best impression on people, think about using natural daylight.

It doesn’t hurt to use various forms of artificial lighting, but natural lighting tends to have the most profound effect on your photos.

It makes you come off as natural and real, giving your photos are nice authentic feel to them.

There is a positive effect this has on people.

An authentic feel to photos makes you seem like an authentic person.

Someone that can be trusted.

This establishes an immediate emotional connection with people who see your dating profile.

You would be doing yourself a solid if the majority of your photos are taken in natural light.

When it is all said and done, creating photos that are well done must be the goal.

These are photos that showcase your interests, lifestyle and personality.

That is first and foremost.

Too many people get caught up with how the lighting looks in their photos.

Too caught up.

This takes their eye off the ball.

Don’t make this mistake.

Keep your eye on the ball by posting the best photos that compliment you by showcasing what you are all about.

Do this.

Using different lighting isn’t an issue as long as your photos are well done.