Why Are Most Girls Very Picky On Dating Apps But Not IRL?

Why Are Most Girls Very Picky On Dating Apps But Not IRL?

Dating apps are superficial by nature.

You are looking at dating profiles with pictures and bios.

That is what you know of this stranger.

Their pictures and bios define who they are to you.

What do we tend to do when we are presented with a glossary of options.

We get picky.

We look for the perfect product.

In this case, the perfect face, body and bio.

We are tempted to look for qualities that we don’t possess.

It’s human nature.

Guys and girls fall prey to this behavior.

Girls more so, given the sheer volume of attention they receive on dating apps.

It’s not wonder they get very picky on dating apps.

Much more so than they are in real life (IRL).

Girls receive a lot more attention from men on dating apps then men receive from girls.

Men are far more inclined to approaching women on dating apps than approaching them in real life.

Dating apps give them cover.

It feels less personal when they receive a rejection from a woman on a dating app than when they do in real life.

Numerous men have this attitude when it comes to approaching women on dating apps versus in real life.

When a girl signs up on a dating app, she is immediately deluged with messages and interest signals.

She never goes through this when she is going about her life in the real world.

The most she gets are looks from guys when she is at the mall or walking on the street, but she rarely gets approached.

This makes her a lot less picky in real life when it comes to choosing who to date.

She isn’t getting inundated by guys hoping to woo her wherever she goes.

Once a guy musters the courage to approach her in real life as she is going about her day, it feels special.

This means that she is less prone to judging him too superficially or harshly.

She doesn’t make a big deal out of it when she sees he is losing hair, is less than 6 feet tall, or finds out he doesn’t make six figures or more a year in income.

She is glad he mustered up the courage to approach her or ask her out and this makes her less judgmental of him.

She looks to alternative areas of his physicality and personality that she appreciates, versus dwelling on the areas that she isn’t attracted to.

A dating app is a totally different story.

The same woman receives a whirlwind of attention the moment she signs on.

She is getting numerous messages and matches.

She is being asked out before she has learned the guy’s name.

It’s such a whirlwind, she is left reeling and has to take a breath to figure out what is happening.

This is so contradictory to what she is used to in the real world.

With this much adulation from men who would have never had the courage to approach her in real life, she knows that her value has been elevated.

With this knowledge, she becomes very picky.

In her mind, someone of such high value deserves a match of equal or greater value.