Online Dating: Is He Not Into Me?

Online Dating: Is He Not Into Me?

A guy who isn’t into you will often not communicate consistently.

If you have met a guy while online dating and noticed that he is not communicating with you consistently, it is often because he is not into you.

Perhaps the both of you were very talkative with one another at first.

You both seemed to have a lot in common and had no problem with keeping conversations going.

However, of late, you may have noticed that he is not communicating with you as often as he used to.

When a guy does this, you are typically not someone that he thinks about all that much anymore.

At first, when the both of you were really engaged in consistent communication, he was most likely thinking about you throughout his day.

This is why he would keep reaching out to you.

Being that he was thinking about you throughout his day, he would have found it hard to keep himself from reaching out to you.

You were seemingly what he had been hoping for when he embarked on online dating.

When he behaved like this, he wanted to hear back from you because doing so would often make him feel good.

He was hungry for your attention and he would get it.

However, at some point, he may have lost that sense of wonder whenever he thought about you.

The thrill that he had experienced so much of earlier on simply dissipated.

He may not have seen this coming.

He may have thought that this thrill and sense of wonder that he had about you would persist.

However, it just didn’t.

He was no longer thinking about you throughout the day as he once did.

He was no longer feeling the need to reach out to you every so often during the course of his day just so that he could get the satisfaction of hearing from you.

He was just lukewarm about you.

This is often when you notice that he isn’t reaching out to you as much as he used to.

He is not into you when he isn’t communicating with you with the kind of frequency and regularity as he once did.

You are simply not someone that he thinks about on a daily and consistent basis as he once did.

When you met this guy while online dating, it may have seemed as though the both of you really connected in a number of areas.

Not only did you both have a number of things in common but you were both at the same place in terms of the kind of person that you were both looking for.

It is natural to wonder about what could have possibly gone wrong.

After all, everything seemed to have been going so well.

The both of you were getting along great and you were having a lot of fun in your conversations.

Trying to figure out what went wrong when everything was seemingly going so right can often be a slippery slope.

However, there are common issues that lead to this outcome.

For one, if he met you on a date and didn’t like your appearance, he would probably lose interest.

He may not have shown a lack of interest right away.

However, he may have eventually come to the point where he no longer wanted to keep lying to himself about how he felt about your appearance.

He may have simply not been attracted to you physically.

Something else that may have happened could be that he was someone that was never truly emotionally available to you or anyone.

Even though he may have met you while online dating, he may not have truly been emotionally ready to meet anyone.

This may be because he was still dealing with the emotional repercussions of a past breakup.

Perhaps he started online dating because he just wanted to get past that relationship.

When he met you, there may have been something about you that reminded him of his ex.

Wanting to relive what it was like being with his ex, he may have started talking to you.

However, over time, he finally brought himself to the realization that you are not his ex.

He now believes that you are just an inferior copy.

As a result, he stops communicating with you as regularly as he once did because the dream of replacing his ex with you is now dead.