What Are Some Reasons Why A Girl On A Dating Website Would Visit And “Like” A Guy’s Profile, But When He Messages Her, She Doesn’t Respond?

What Are Some Reasons Why A Girl On A Dating Website Would Visit And "Like" A Guy's Profile, But When He Messages Her, She Doesn't Respond?

She may not have liked the message that the guy sent.

If this girl on a dating website visited and “liked” your dating profile, there may have been something about it that caught her attention.

However, when you messaged her, she may not have responded because she didn’t like your first message.

It may not have been a message that gave her good reason to respond.

She may not have gotten excited by it.

She may not have felt compelled to respond to it because it just didn’t create any desire in her to do so.

Being a girl, she most likely gets a lot of messages from guys.

Girls typically get a lot more messages on a dating website than guys do.

Most of those messages tend to be very bland and generic.

She will often get messages like, “Hey,” “Hi there,” “Want to chat?,” etc.

These are the kind of messages that are simply not conducive to inviting conversation.

She may have gotten fed up with receiving messages like this.

In fact, she may have chosen to start searching for dating profiles in order to find better quality guys that she can send messages to.

This way, she would give herself a better chance of corresponding with a guy that actually intrigues her as opposed to waiting on these kind of bland messages from guys.

This may have been the reason that led her to finding your dating profile.

She visited your dating profile and “liked” it because she may have felt that you would be the kind of guy that she would connect with.

She may have also noticed that your dating profile was more interesting to read than those of the other guys that have sent her messages on the dating website.

In visiting your dating profile and “liking” it, she may have been hoping to get a message from you.

When you messaged her, she may have been excited to receive that message.

However, when she read it, it may have reminded her about the other guys that have been messaging her.

Your message may have been just as bland and generic as theirs.

This may have been the reason why she didn’t respond to your message.

She was hoping that you would be different and you weren’t.

Her excitement over you may have been extinguished as a result of that message.

Another reason why a girl on a dating website would visit and “like” a guy’s profile but doesn’t respond when he messages her could be because she wants to keep him on her radar but she doesn’t want to talk to him just yet.

In other words, she may want you to know that she has seen you and thereby let you become aware of her existence.

However, she may not be looking to get into a real correspondence with you at this time.

She may already be talking to a few other guys on the dating website that she may see as potential boyfriends.

She is not sure about which one could ultimately become that or if any of them will.

However, there is potential that she could find a boyfriend among the group.

Being that she is not entirely sure about how everything will transpire with these particular guys, she may have decided to keep her options open by visiting some more dating profiles.

In the process of browsing, she found your dating profile and decided to “like” it.

In doing this, she wanted to put you on her radar and make you aware of her.

She may have also been hoping that you would respond to her in some way just so that she knows that you noticed what she did.

She may have wanted to get a “like” back from you or some kind of message.

Now that you have actually messaged her, she knows that the both of you are on each other’s radar.

However, being that she has still got her hands full with the other guys that she is talking to, she decided not to respond to your message.