She Has An FWB But Says She Is On A Dating Site To Find A Committed Relationship?

She Has An FWB But Says She Is On A Dating Site To Find A Committed Relationship?

Slippery slope.

The longer a person is involved in a friends with benefits or fwb relationship, the higher the chances that feelings will develop.

You need to be sure that you aren’t talking to a woman who has been in an fwb relationship for a long time and is still trying to resolve whatever feelings she developed for the person.

Unfortunately, instead of working out their feelings, some people sign up on a dating site to either escape them or replace them.

You certainly don’t want to be someone who gets wrapped up in a situation where you are talking to a woman who still has complicated feelings from an fwb relationship that she hasn’t resolved.

You don’t want to become the guinea pig that she can experiment on in the hopes that you can help her escape her emotional turmoil.

Clearly, there is something about this woman that has made you curious about her.

You have had some great conversations with her.

She seems smart and witty.

She is able to figure out what you are trying to say without you having to go into a prolonged explanation about what you mean.

It’s just easy to talk to her.

Plus, she is attractive.

Having a woman that looks like her holding you tight on a night out in the town would make you feel like a million bucks.

Try not to allow your emotions to get the best of you.

That can happen on an online dating site.

The virtual nature of the medium misleads some people into thinking that everything is a fairy tale.

They forget that they are dealing with real human beings at the other end of their screen who have flaws and insecurities just like they do.

No matter how fun the conversations have been, there is still a giant elephant in the room.

She is in a friends with benefits relationship that she has chosen to remain in even as she has started her quest for a committed relationship on a dating site.

This means that she is still sleeping with this guy.

Hell, she may be sleeping with him right now as you are reading this post.

That’s just the reality.

Your job is to find out just how deep this relationship goes.

She may tell you that there is really nothing to it and it is merely physical, but you shouldn’t take her at her word.

You should find out what kind of history she has with this fwb.

This is not just about finding out how long she has been in an fwb relationship with this person, you should find out about what kind of relationship she had with this person beforehand.

Many fwb relationships come out of broken committed relationships.

Was she in a committed relationship with this person before things ultimately devolved into an fwb relationship?

If she was, those feelings may never have gone away.

She took him up on being an fwb in the hopes that he would eventually want to try again at commitment.

Now that it has been a while since she agreed to the fwb relationship with no signs of a resolution, she is looking elsewhere.

An fwb relationship that was birthed from a committed relationship are the most dangerous ones to get yourself entangled in.

The emotions are often still there.

So you have some homework to do.

Find out the length of time in which she has been in this fwb relationship and what her history is with this person.

If she has been in the fwb relationship for a long time, a year or more, and it came from a previous committed relationship, you are better off letting her be and moving on.

Again, you don’t want to be her guinea pig as she tries to sort out her emotions.

If it is an fwb relationship that hasn’t lasted long, less than 6 months, and she has no relationship history with this person, there is less of a risk that she has strong feelings for this person.

In a scenario like this, you should still thread with caution as you get to know her better, but, you would have a much better shot of getting her to drop her fwb if things get serious between the both of you.