Online Dating: When A Man Says He Doesn’t Want A Relationship At The Moment After Unofficially Seeing You For 8 Months?

Online Dating: When A Man Says He Doesn't Want A Relationship At The Moment After Unofficially Seeing You For 8 Months?

He kept you around as someone he has been unofficially seeing for 8 months for selfish purposes.

He wanted to be able to get all of the privileges that come with having a girlfriend, without any of the responsibility.

You hung on for 8 months hoping that he would make his relationship official with you and actually make you feel like his legitimate girlfriend, but he never did.

He made you feel a certain way and you just couldn’t help but stick around.

This is an experience that you can learn from.

When a man keeps you around for months on end without making his relationship with you official, he is doing so in order to satisfy his own needs.

Although you joined an online dating site in the hopes of finding a long-term relationship, you happen to meet a man who wasn’t as intent on that outcome as you were.

8 months is more than enough time for a man to truly know if he wants to make the woman that he is seeing his official girlfriend.

You stuck around for way too long.

Yes, it is hard.

You love him.

You love how he makes you feel.

He is amazing in the bedroom.

None of that matters when you have spent months with a man who has shunned commitment.

Dating is a testing period. It should last about three months.

At this point, a man has had enough time to know whether he wants to make a girl his official girlfriend or not.

Once you cross the 3 month mark and the man is still stalling on making you his official girlfriend, you should bail.

He can make all sorts of promises to you and tell you how much he loves you, but those are just words.

Never take to heart what a man tells you.

Instead, watch his actions.

His actions are the true indicators of his intent, not his words.

You never had anything with this man.

It was never going to go where you were hoping it would.

Yes, this is a bitter pill to swallow but it gets worse.

You met him on an online dating site.

Without a doubt, this man has continued visiting the online dating site within the last 8 months that you have been seeing him.

Without a doubt, he has gotten into conversations and developed relationships with multiple girls on the dating site.

Without a doubt, he has since met some of these girls in real life on a date.

And yes, without a doubt, he has slept with some of them.

He has told you that he doesn’t want a relationship at the moment as a response to some of the pressure he has been feeling from you lately.

Even the way he used those words is deceitful.

By saying, “in the moment,” he is doing what he has been doing for the last 8 months to your psyche, giving you false hope.

This enables him to keep you around.

Don’t fall for it.

Sure, he wants to keep you around still.

You will be his back-burner girl.

A person he can always go to for both emotional and physical comfort while he continues to see other girls that he meets on the dating site.

Is this the kind of life that you want to live?

Forever being the back-burner girl who answers whenever he calls and sleeps with him whenever he pouts.

You shouldn’t be.

The longer you stay in this unofficial relationship, the deeper your emotions will set in, making it much harder for you to let go.

It’s been 8 months.

What makes you think that another week, month or year will change his mind?

Get out now while you still can and keep yourself from the complete mental breakdown that is sure to ensue the longer you remain in this unofficial relationship.