Online Dating: Is It Possible To Have A Meaningful Connection With Someone Via Virtual Dates?

Online Dating: Is It Possible To Have A Meaningful Connection With Someone Via Virtual Dates?

Virtual dates are invaluable, especially when you are in an online dating long distance situation.

Be careful that you don’t only look at virtual dates as a means to just keep the connection alive.

Having that attitude only perpetuates a dry and uncreative approach to your virtual dates, making them a boring exercise where you are both merely going through the motions.

To foster a meaningful connection with someone via virtual dates, you should have a fresh approach to each date and be excited about it.

Get creative.

Give each other a challenge of coming up with a new theme or activity for each virtual date.

For example, for your next virtual date, you suggest playing a board game.

Your long distance prospect agrees.

At the end of that board game virtual date, it’s your date’s turn to suggest what activity to do on the next virtual date.

She suggests that the both of you prepare dinner virtually and chat as you do it.


Each virtual date becomes something new.

In the process of taking turns to make suggestions for what activity to indulge in during the virtual date, you are both investing equally in effort and learning a lot more about each other in the process.

It allows the both of you to show your personality and spontaneity in certain situations in a way that merely sitting in front of your laptops chatting to each other is unable to catch.

This is how you make it possible to have a meaningful connection with someone that you are talking to online.

This approach makes each virtual date a new adventure and something that you are both looking forward to.

If you only approach virtual dates as a way to just stay in touch until you are both at a point where you can meet each other physically, the virtual dates become a drag.

You want this person to stick around.

One of the quickest ways to kill this person’s romantic interest in you is by having a very nonchalant attitude to your virtual dates.

This makes those dates boring and too predictable.

Boredom and predictability kills longevity.

Take those virtual dates seriously and the chances of making this last bodes so much better.

Pay attention to what is being said and done in your creative virtual dates.

Use your observation as a tool to build a more meaningful connection by asking questions about said observations.

Always ask good questions.

For example, on a virtual date where you are both hiking, she mentions in passing that she is into a particular type of flower that she just walked passed.

Don’t let that pass.

Ask her more about that flower.

She shares a history with it and will open up about that history.

This is how you strengthen that connection.

Something mentioned in passing is gold. Get her to elaborate on it.

This gives her a chance to open up.

It makes her appreciate that you are so intent in learning more about something that she thought would bore you, which is why she only mentioned it in passing.

Talk to her about subjects that most guys normally brush over or ignore.

For example, as the both of you sit in your living rooms to have a movie or TV show virtual date, she isn’t expecting you to notice or care about the throw blanket that she has hanging over her sofa that she stitched together herself.

Men don’t care about such topics.

Don’t make the same mistake other guys do.

Ask her about that throw blanket.

If she took the time to painstakingly stitch that throw blanket together, she loves stitching.

It’s a passion of hers.

Ask her about it and show interest.

This amazes her further.

She has never had any guy ask her such deep questions about a throw blanket.

It is these seemingly trivial topics that foster the deepest and most meaningful connections with someone that you have virtual dates with.

This is how you get passed the manufactured facade and into the true core of what a person is about.

Virtual dates are a remarkable opportunity to develop a meaningful connection with someone.

Be creative and pay attention to both the major and minor details in conversation and observation.

Use this approach and you won’t have to worry about losing that person’s interest.