Online Dating: I Went On A Good Date Yesterday; Should I Text Her And Ask If She Wants To Hang Out Again Today?

Online Dating: I Went On A Good Date Yesterday; Should I Text Her And Ask If She Wants To Hang Out Again Today?


If she really enjoyed the first date yesterday and has the availability, there is a good chance that she agrees to hanging out with you today.

Your approach is your ticket.

Be fun and lighthearted about it.

Start by letting her know how much of a good time you had on the date yesterday.

Remind her of a funny moment during the date.

This makes her crack a smile and fills her head with some good recent memories.

Show that you value her time as you ask her about hanging out today by letting her know that you are fully aware that this is short notice and you totally get it if she is unavailable.

Since your date yesterday, she has had more offers from guys on the online dating site to meet up on dates.

She even has offers for this very day.

Why should she consider your offer so soon after the first date when she is entertaining other offers from potential dating prospects on the dating site?

Set yourself apart from these men by making her an offer that you know she would be interested in.

It should be something different from what was done on the first date.

Your chances of getting a yes from her increase if you are being more creative with what you are proposing.

For example, in a conversation that you had with her on your date yesterday, she talked about how she loves puppies and that she is even looking into adopting one.

You do your research and discover that the local animal shelter is having an open house today.

What serendipity.

This is a golden opportunity to let her know in your text that you noticed that the local animal shelter is having an open house today and whether she would like to check it out.

Not only are you showing that you put some thought into this new date proposal but you are showing her that you were paying attention to what she was saying during the date yesterday.

This scores points.

As much as some girls do like spontaneity when it comes to dates, most girls prefer having an idea about what they are going to be doing on said date and where it is.

They like having time to prepare themselves both mentally and aesthetically for the date.

Asking her within only an hour’s notice to hang out with you today isn’t smart.

She even considers it rude.

Plus, if all you are doing is inviting her to the local bar, she isn’t exactly enthused.

What’s the rush?

The local bar isn’t disappearing if you were to invite her to it next week.

Unless of course, you are only looking to get laid.


She turns down your offer and you have now ruined any future chances to hang out with her.

If you use an ingenious or creative proposal, based on information that you gathered from her on the first date, such as her desire to adopt a puppy for example and use that knowledge to inform her about the open house on pets today, you are showing a lot more substance to your character.

Even if your true intention is to sleep with her by the end of the night, your chances are greater if you have been thoughtful and creative in the date that you propose.

This allows her to brag to her friends about how thoughtful you are.

An open house for pets at the local animal shelter?

What a sweet guy.

He is a keeper.

They praise you, while harboring envy.

Why haven’t they had that kind of luck with guys that they have been meeting on dating sites?

Go ahead and text her.

Keep it lighthearted and fun.

Give her an out so that she doesn’t feel cornered.

If she truly has the time, which is entirely possible, and with the extra incentive of looking at puppies that are available for adoption, she just might say yes.