How To Ask The Guy I Met Through An Online Dating Service What We Are?

How To Ask The Guy I Met Through An Online Dating Service What We Are?

You can simply ask him that openly.

This guy that you met through an online dating service joined that service for a reason.

If you have already talked to him in the past about what your reason was in joining the online dating service and he agreed that he was looking for the same, there is nothing wrong with openly asking him about what the both of you are.

If you have already been talking with this guy for a while and you have already been on several dates with him, this may be the appropriate time to ask him this question.

People often make the mistake of shying away from asking a person what they are because they are worried that by doing so they could ruin their relationship with that person or they may seem too eager.

You should not allow yourself to think in this way.

Again, remember that you joined the online dating service for a reason.

If this guy is seemingly someone that appears to meet that reason and you have spent a good amount of time getting to know him and going out on dates with him, you are well within reason to ask him what you both are.

The reason why it is often a mistake to not ask this question at the stage that you are currently in is because you may allow yourself to delay it to the point where you establish deeper feelings for this guy.

This is incredibly dangerous.

If you neglect to determine what kind of relationship that you have with this guy at this time, you may end up ultimately falling in love with a guy who won’t love you back.

You may find yourself in a situation where you finally ask him what the both of you are but it would be too late.

You would have already established deep feelings for him because you would have procrastinated for so long.

This would put him in the power position.

He will know that you have deep feelings for him.

Unfortunately, if you have been dating a guy who has only wanted to remain in a non-committed relationship with you, he will remain in this mindset even with the understanding that you want more commitment out of the relationship.

This guy that you met through an online dating service may try to find ways to string you along so that he can continue having the benefits that a boyfriend would have without any of the commitment.

This could go on and on until you become so desperate that you simply lose any sense of self-worth that you once had.

You basically become emotionally dependent on the guy.

You never want to put yourself in this incredibly vulnerable position.

This is why you should ask him now about what the both of you are.

If he was being truthful with you from the start, he should be honest with you now.

A good way that you can go about bringing it up is to simply mention it during conversation.

Do it while the both of you are face to face.

Avoid doing it over text.

This would give him too much time to prepare a response.

It would be harder for him to be insincere with you if he is talking to you face to face.

Remember that the goal here is to find out where this guy is mentally as far as this relationship is concerned.

You want to put yourself in the position where you can get the most honest answer from this guy that you met through an online dating service.

Honesty is absolutely crucial right now.

You are currently at a crossroads.

You have an emotional disposition that is willing to get more serious with this guy.

But at the same time, you should also be prepared to end things with him if he lets you know that he is in nowhere near the same trajectory that you were hoping to go with him.

You don’t want to waste your time with someone who is merely enjoying you for the meantime until they find someone else that they would rather be with.

This is why getting an honest answer from him at this point is very important.

If he were to tell you that he does want you to be his significant other, you should not instantly get excited.

Instead, you should spend the upcoming weeks and months being observant of his behavior.

If he proceeds to continue using the online dating service after having told you that he wants to date you exclusively, he was not being honest with you and it would be best to dump him and move on.