Online Dating: Matched With Someone I Will Work With At My New Job?

Online Dating: Matched With Someone I Will Work With At My New Job?

You didn’t expect this.

Your new match is someone that you will be working with at your new job.

What were the chances of that happening?

Now, you are in a predicament.

You aren’t thrilled at the prospect of possibly dating someone that you work with.

You never have.

If you have done so in the past, it didn’t end well.

Or, you just like to keep work and private life separate.

Whatever the reasoning behind your desire not to possibly date someone that you work with, your new reality is that this could be a possibility.

You wonder whether you should just ignore this match and move on to the others that you have matched with on the dating app.

You don’t want the headache of an office romance.

Don’t be too quick to judgment.

Your first impulse is to ditch this person, but you shouldn’t panic right now and make a decision that you ultimately regret.

Take some time to think this through before making that move.

The last thing that you want to do is give up on this match, only to find yourself weeks later wishing that you hadn’t.

Yes, it feels as though all those matches are going to continue coming your way into the foreseeable future but don’t take that for granted.

People do run out of matches on dating apps.

People do hit dry spells on dating apps.

You shouldn’t just think that discarding this new match will have no effect on your dating prospects.

You could live to regret it.

Now, ask yourself about what it is about working with someone that you also date that puts you off.

Many office relationships fail and many others succeed.

If done right, you could find yourself in the “success” column.

The office relationships that work are the ones where both parties remain professional.

They don’t mix romance with work.

They have their own separate group of office friends that they hang out with and go to lunch with.

They don’t talk about their relationships with other coworkers who could easily spread gossip, causing stress to the relationship.

When they see each other at work, they aren’t fussing all over each other and staring at each other as though they are ready to jump on each other as they would on a living room couch.

They are professional.

When they are at work, a switch turns on that makes them blend in with their work environments and work colleagues.

You see, an office relationship can work with the right approach.

Before thinking about discarding this new match, ask yourself about whether you believe you can be professional when you have someone at your new job that you are dating.

If you truly believe that you cannot, then you may be right in wanting to not pursue this match any further.

But remember, the last thing that you want are regrets.

Many people newly join a dating app and are inundated with matches in their first few weeks.

They think this will last for as long as they are on the dating app but get a cruel awakening when they realize that they are getting a lot less matches a few weeks into signing up on the dating app.

Not only are they getting less matches, but the quality of the matches have greatly diminished.

Your first week to three weeks on a dating app is often the time that you will get the most matches and the best matches.

Use it wisely.