Online Dating: She Is Understandably Too Busy, But I Don’t Want To Text Back And Forth For Weeks?

Online Dating: She Is Understandably Too Busy, But I Don't Want To Text Back And Forth For Weeks?

Then don’t.

You have already put several weeks into conversation.

She has told you that she is busy and you believe that her excuse is credible.

She is a busy nurse or doctor.

She is a flight attendant who flies a lot.

She is a business owner who puts in a lot of time at her business, maybe even a startup.

Whatever the reason is for being busy, you believe it is credible.

You have verified her claims and they are valid.

None of that matters.

She was the one who chose to join a dating site.

She was the one who chose to create a dating profile indicating that she was looking for a relationship.

Clearly, if she is doing all of that, she is sending the message that she can make the time to meet up with someone that sparks her interest online.

A person this busy is sometimes lonely.

They don’t get to see their friends and family members as often as they would like.

They forget what its like to just have an enjoyable and sustained conversation with a loved one without falling asleep not long after the conversation has started out of sheer physical exhaustion.

This predicament can make a really busy person choose to sign up on a dating site to look for someone.

What are they truly looking for though?

Are they truly looking for a relationship partner or someone to communicate with just so that they don’t feel so alone all the time?

It is nice to hear from you while they are in the midst of their busy day.

It is nice to know that some guy that they met on a dating site was thinking about them at that moment.

This acknowledgment alone from you is enough to put them in a good mood and give them a sense of relevance.

But, on your part, it has been weeks of this kind of communication.

You have been a good soldier and initiated text conversations.

You have complimented them, cheered them up, sent funny memes, sent them good morning and good night texts, and so on.

After all that time and effort, a physical date is yet to materialize.

You have asked for that date.

They have told you about how much they would love to meet you but they are so busy.

You can’t sit around waiting on this person.

She was the person who chose to join an online dating site.

Why join a dating site when you are too busy to date?

No matter what she tries to tell herself so as not to feel as though she is wasting anyone’s time, her actions are clearly showing that she is wasting your time.

The excuses that abound in her head are as follows:

By the time I get off work, I am so tired that meeting this guy in that condition just wouldn’t be fair to him.

I want to meet this guy so badly but I am just so busy.

I have some vacation time coming up. Maybe I can find the time to meet with him then.

They are giving me more work and responsibilities that I never asked for at work. I can’t have a social life and date.

You have no control over how she runs her life, only she does.

If she has chosen to allow her life to get so hectic that she is finding it difficult to meet up with you, that is her business.

You can only control what goes on in your life.

Texting back and forth for another week or two or three is only going to be a waste of your time.

Stop communicating with her.

There are busy people out there who know how to manage their time and are willing to make the time for people that they believe are worth it.

Texting back and forth is one thing.

That doesn’t take too much effort.

Meeting you in real life is something else.

She has clearly shown that she doesn’t believe that you are worth that kind of effort.