Online Dating: 2nd Date Was A Low-Key Disaster And I haven’t Heard From Her In 5 Days. I’m Thinking Of Giving Her A Call?

Online Dating: 2nd Date Was A Low-Key Disaster And I haven't Heard From Her In 5 Days. I'm Thinking Of Giving Her A Call?

She went on two dates with you.

This means that the first date was good enough for her to go on another.

You believe that the second date was a low-key disaster but how certain are you of that?

If the second date didn’t end with her throwing something that hurts at your face, there is still hope that the date wasn’t such a disaster.

Okay, you were nervous on that second date.

You felt like you didn’t show her as good of a time as you could have.

Your body language was weak and anxiety-ridden.

Okay, fine.

Maybe you put a bit too much pressure on yourself to make that second date perfect.

She still didn’t throw something that hurts at your face at the end of that second date.

Sometimes, as human beings, we make so much more out of something that was really benign or even nonexistent to the other person present.

This is especially true when the person you are meeting was initially introduced to you on an online dating site.

Conversation with the person online was easy enough.

Then you set up a real life meeting with the person and all of a sudden the nerves kick in.

Is this person going to be as impressed with me in real life as they have been so far on the online dating site?

You have that crucial first date and it is just alright and nothing more.

The sparks didn’t really fly.

You ask for the second date and she accepts.

Now, you are going to pull out all the stops.

You intend to make that second date the best one that she has ever had.

You just want to recreate that feeling and chemistry that you both shared on the online dating site.

You put too much undue pressure on yourself and end up causing a low-key disaster on your second date.

At least, what feels like a low-key disaster to you.

Be careful not to make that second date out to be worse than what it really was.

For all you know, all the nerves that you thought you were showing on that second date was endearing to her.

If she is shy herself, she could probably relate to how you were feeling.

It isn’t surprising that you haven’t heard from her in 5 days.

You have only been on two dates with her.

Most girls want the guy to do most, if not all of the chasing at the early stages of dating.

Don’t expect her to call you.

Call her.

Be upbeat.

If you reference the second date during conversation, focus on the positive elements of it and not the negative.

Do not apologize for being a nervous wreck.

That doesn’t make you look good.

Just ask her about how her week has been so far and whether she would like to meet up again this weekend.

If you call and she doesn’t answer, leave a voicemail.

Many guys make the mistake of not doing this in the hopes that they catch the girl later on in real time, don’t make the same mistake.

She will see that you called anyway.

Be decisive and leave a voicemail.

If you don’t, you leave the door open for her to start drawing a bunch of unfavorable conclusions as to why you didn’t.

Be confident and decisive.

Your attitude in the early stages of dating goes a long way in either impressing a girl or not.

If you sound confident on the phone, no matter how low-key of a disaster you thought that second date was, your confidence alone could be enough to get her to say yes to a third date.

She has already been on two dates with you.

There must have been something that made her feel compelled to go on that second date.

If she still feels intrigued by that quality, saying yes to a third date gives her another opportunity to flesh it out.