Online Dating: Should I Change My Political Views From Conservative To Liberal?

Online Dating: Should I Change My Political Views From Conservative To Liberal?

You are what you are.

Changing your political views from conservative to liberal to better your chances of receiving matches on a dating app doesn’t do you any good.

I get it.

It’s annoying.

You hit it off with someone on a dating app just to have her ghost you some time later upon discovering you have conservative views.

It gets old after a while.

All you are doing is being transparent.

Yet, you get into trouble for it.

You keep getting asked about your views and upon explaining them, you get the shaft.

Here is the thing.

Lots of people on dating apps are liberal.

So, it makes sense that you find yourself constantly getting the shaft when you write that you have conservative views on your dating app.

We live in a polarized country.

Everyone is on their side of the ring in the political arena.

Once she sees that you have conservative views and she is a liberal, her instant assumption is that you two won’t get along.

For those who cautiously match with you anyway, they are curious and want to hear what your conservative views are.

Once she hears it, her preconceived notions are confirmed and she ghosts you.

Either way, you are constantly getting treated like the red-headed stepchild once she sees that you have conservative views on your dating profile or she hears you tell her about them upon matching with you.

None of this means that you should change your political views from conservative to liberal on dating apps.

To do that would be laying yourself a trap.

Even if you hit it off with her, it’s only a matter of time before she learns about your conservative views.

Yes, you can’t hide them forever.

Then what?

It’s that much more soul-crushing to be ghosted by her after having put in weeks or months of effort into getting to know her.

Why put yourself in this predicament?

It isn’t worth it.

You end up hurting yourself exponentially.

So, no, you don’t change your conservative views for liberal ones on a dating app.

You have to stay true to who you are.

There are dating apps that are designed for people with conservative views.

Think about joining those.

This puts you around people who think like you, which helps in getting you better matches.

If you want to stay on your current dating app of choice, improve your matches of getting better matches that stick around by spending the bulk of your bio talking about your interests, hobbies, experiences, etc.

Stuff that makes you out to be a fun and interesting person to be around.

As polarized as we are as a country, we have more similarities than we do differences.

Write about your fun and interesting attributes, while reserving a much smaller section of your bio for your conservative views.

No one wants to read a dating profile that feels like a political ad.

Coming off as too political in your dating profile turns people off.

Being that we as human beings often have more similarities than differences, a good match is bound to connect with you in some areas.

It is not unheard of for a liberal to connect with a conservative romantically.

Not everyone dismisses on the basis of political views.