Online Dating: It’s Now Been 3 Days And She Hasn’t Responded Back To My Message. Should I Just Unmatch With Her?

Online Dating: It's Now Been 3 Days And She Hasn't Responded Back To My Message. Should I Just Unmatch With Her?

3 days sounds like a lifetime to you, but in the world of online dating, it really isn’t.

This is especially the case when you are waiting for a response from a woman.

Women receive a considerable amount of matches on dating apps in comparison to men.

Dating apps are filled with men like you seeking out women.

In fact, there are a greater number of men doing this on dating apps than women seeking out men.

This means that you have a preponderance of competition from various men who are doing their due diligence to get her attention.

Given the enormous volume of matches received on dating apps, women have a tough time managing it and responding in a timely fashion.

The mistake that men make when they haven’t heard from her in a few days is in sending another message or unmatching.

Whether the tone in his message is kind or not, and some men aren’t that kind in their second message to a match, this sends the wrong signal to her.

In messaging her again, you make it seem like you are desperate and have no options.

If she was intending on responding to your message, she is less likely to do that now.

You have turned her off with your impatience.

Don’t make the same error that men before you have made.

Unmatching her is not a good idea either.

You are a guy who doesn’t receive that much attention from women on dating apps.

Don’t worry.

You are in a company of a plurality of men when it comes to online dating.

Given that this has been your plight on dating apps, 3 days feels like an eternity to you.

3 days is nothing to her.

She is rifling through her matches figuring out which guy to respond to.

Here is something else to consider and you mustn’t take this personally.

Women have a lot of options on dating apps.

This naturally leads to them prioritizing.

Unfortunately, this means that she is prone to putting a number of matches on different tiers of priority.

There is a possibility that you are at the top of her tier once she gets around to responding to her messages or that you are a few rungs down.

Again, don’t take this personally.

In an alternate reality where you are the one at the receiving end of an immense volume of matches, you would prioritize certain women over the rest too.

In a circumstance where you are a few rungs down, this could explain why it has been 3 days.

She has narrowed her attention to the men who are higher on the rung.

Occasionally, she finds her perfect match in that group, hits it off with him and never responds to your message.

Other times, she realizes that she doesn’t have much chemistry with the guys on the higher rungs, which leads her to you.

Either way, you shouldn’t be waiting around on her. Waiting around on her compels you to message her again or unmatch.

Instead, occupy yourself with talking to a variety of women and put her in the back of your memory.

Whether she responds to your message or not, as long as you are actively working to find a partner, a dating app is the right place to be.