Online Dating: To Call Or To Text?

Online Dating: To Call Or To Text?

If you have exchanged phone numbers with this person, it is better to call than to text.

Most people text instead of call.

However, this is not the best way to go about communicating with someone that you have just exchanged phone numbers with.

If you were to simply text, you would make your conversation a lot less personal.

This makes it that much harder to be able to truly gauge who you are communicating with in order to ascertain whether the both of you have any real life chemistry.

In essence, by resorting to texting the person, you are essentially doing the same kind of communication with the person as you were doing on the online dating website.

The only difference now is that you are both texting each other over the phone as opposed to texting each other through an online dating site.

Hence, you are never really able to tell whether you truly can connect with this person in real life.

Texting can have a degree of ease to it.

A person can take their time to formulate the perfect responses.

They do not have the pressure of having to be spontaneous in their communication like they would have to be if they were talking to you live on the phone.

They could easily use texting to their advantage by constructing the kind of person that they believe you would be attracted to.

However, this may not be the kind of person that they are at all.

They may be totally the opposite in fact, but being that you are only texting this person, you simply have no idea.

The advantage of calling and talking over the phone is that this person that you met while online dating doesn’t have the advantage of hiding behind text messages.

They get to communicate with you in real time and do not have the advantage of making prepared text responses.

They would have to talk in a spontaneous manner like most people do when they are talking to each other in real life.

This is where you are able to truly gauge whether you have been interacting with a person that has been honest about their character on the online dating site.

This is also where you get to gauge whether you truly have any real life chemistry with this person.

Communicating over text doesn’t have the same kind of spontaneity and energy that talking over the phone in real time does.

Simply hearing the sound of this person’s voice over the phone during your call could instantly give you a sense of the kind of person that you are dealing with.

You can even get ideas about whether you truly connect with this person through the cadence of this person’s voice.

These are all facets to this person that you wouldn’t have the advantage of experiencing if you merely stuck to texting this person.

If you have now reached the point where you have exchanged phone numbers with this person, it means that you are strongly considering the possibility that this could be a person that you would like to meet in real life on a date.

To simply text this person instead of call them wouldn’t help in giving you a better idea about what it would be like to actually meet this person in real life on a date.

By merely texting this person, you would essentially be wasting the entire point of exchanging phone numbers in the first place.

By exchanging phone numbers, you are taking this interaction to a new level.

Texting this person would only keep you in the same mode of communication as you were on the online dating site.

Calling this person would truly put you on another level.

This is the proper step to take before thinking about meeting this person on a date in the real world.

In order to get to the point where it would be a good idea to meet this person on a date in the real world, you should first take your communication with this person beyond texting.

This is how you can get a better idea about whether you would truly connect with this person if you were to meet them on a date in real life.

This way, you do not waste time and energy in merely texting each other over the phone, only to meet each other on a date in real life and realize that the chemistry simply isn’t there.