Online Dating: Too Late To Apologize For Ghosting?

Online Dating: Too Late To Apologize For Ghosting?

It really isn’t.

As long as you are breathing, you can apologize to anyone for anything.

Years can go by and it is still never too late.

You ghosted this person at some point in time and you regret it.

Now that you understand the error in your ways, you regret what happened and want to apologize.

Although it is never too late to apologize for anything, that doesn’t mean that the recipient is going to accept or even address your apology.

To them, it could be too late. Your opportunity came and went.

They barely remember you and if they do, they just don’t care.

They have moved on with their lives since that ghosting incident and just don’t want any part of what you have to say.

Yes, you have grown since that ghosting incident, but that is really on you.

This person that you ghosted doesn’t have to care about the fact that you have matured and become a better person.

So, ask yourself about why you feel the need to apologize to this person about ghosting when there is a good chance that they have moved on from you.

Some people get lonely.

They run out of dating options on a dating site.

With their lack of options, they look back on people that they have talked to in the past.

They find themselves looking through old matches.

“Oh, there’s Anna.

She was cool.

We talked for a while but then I got bored with the conversation and stopped responding to her messages.

Oh, I see that she sent a couple more messages before giving up on getting me to send a response.

I wonder what happened to her.

I see that the last message that she sent was 6 months ago.

Maybe I should send her a message and apologize about ghosting her.”

You need to ask yourself about why you have suddenly come to a place where you want to apologize to whoever this is about ghosting them.

It shouldn’t be from a place of self-centeredness where you are merely thinking about apologizing as every other dating option on the dating site has dried up for you.

This approach to apologizing wouldn’t be sincere.

Even if she were to respond, you would only be leading her on.

This isn’t fair to her.

All you would do is lead her on until someone better comes along and you ghost her again.

No one wants to be treated like this.

If you are thinking about apologizing to someone that you ghosted, it has to be for genuine reasons and not just for lack of any other dating options.

People aren’t cattle.

Think about the way that you would like to be treated.

Imagine not hearing back from someone that you were having really great conversations with on a dating site for weeks or months.

Then, out of nowhere, you hear from them.

You become hopeful.

It feels familiar.

You are taken back to a time that the both of you were really connecting on the dating site before the whole ghosting incident happened.

It feels really good.

Now, imagine having all those hopeful romantic feelings come back only to have them dashed after a few weeks of renewed conversation when this person up and ghosts you all over again.

This is what happens when you aren’t being sincere about your apology and you are merely doing it as there are no better dating options around.

Think first before apologizing.

Do you want to do this out of selfish reasons or are you truly being sincere?

If this person is only a filler and you aren’t genuinely looking to find romance with them, apologizing to them would only be setting them up for disappointment once again.