Why Do Girls On Dating Sites String You Along?

Why Do Girls On Dating Sites String You Along?

If you are constantly meeting girls on dating sites who are stringing you along, you may have to make a serious change in the kinds of girls that you tend to talk to on dating sites.

If you have encountered girls on dating sites that have strung you along multiple times now, it may be because you are consistently choosing to interact with the same kind of girls on dating sites.

Make an assessment of the kind of girls that you have actually been talking to on dating sites.

There may be something about them all that is really similar.

Perhaps they have very short and unsubstantial bios.

However, they may have very attractive pictures.

You really need to think about this.

If you have been talking to girls who tend to have very little information in their bios, but appear to be very attractive in their pictures, this may be the source of your problem.

These are girls who may not care too much about actually getting to know someone on a dating site and possibly meeting that person in life at some point.

If they have taken so little time to write a bio that is truly descriptive of the person that they are, they are showing a strong lack of investment in trying to get people to have a better idea of what they are about.

If they have put the majority of their efforts into posting pictures of themselves where they are merely posing for the camera or taking selfies, there is a good chance that they are not serious about meeting someone.

If you have only been talking to girls like this on dating sites, it is no wonder that you find yourself being constantly strung along.

Girls like this tend to love the attention that they get from guys on dating sites.

This is often what they are on dating sites for.

They are not looking to date anyone that they meet on dating sites or get into serious relationships with them.

They are simply on dating sites to get a boost to their egos.

You have to make sure that you aren’t constantly allowing yourself to be blinded by desire.

When you keep desiring girls like this on dating sites who have no substance to their dating profiles, save their superficial pictures, you will often find yourself being strung along.

They will string you along in order to keep getting the attention.

However, once you request a date or to exchange contact information, many will abandon their interaction with you.

This is when they know that you want to take the interaction to a level that they don’t want to go to and never intended to go to.

In order to avoid constantly being strung along by girls that you meet on dating sites, you should avoid talking to any one girl for too long of a time.

You should ask a girl to meet you on a date within a week to two weeks of first meeting her on a dating site.

As long as you maintained consistent communication throughout this time and you have had substantive getting-to-know each other conversations, it would be totally appropriate to ask to meet within a week to two weeks of meeting a girl on a dating site.

If you have continuously allowed yourself to interact with girls on dating sites without asking them out within that time frame, you further expose yourself to being strung along.

A girl who may have been initially interested may lose that interest if you take too long to ask her out.

Hence, when you finally decide to ask her out, she may turn you down or give you some kind of excuse because she has since lost romantic interest in you.

In another scenario, if you were to ask a girl out within a week to two weeks of meeting her on a dating site and she were to make herself unavailable to you without giving you a definitive day and time that she will be available, she is someone that is going to string you along.

A girl who truly likes a guy will make it easy for him to set up a date with her.

If you are dealing with a girl who is unable to give you a definitive day and time that she would be available to meet you on a date, she is stringing you along.

The mistake that many guys make is in believing the girl and continuing to talk to her in the hopes that they will soon get a chance to go out with her when her schedule permits.

If you try to set up a date with a girl within a week to two weeks of having met her on a dating site and she were to turn you down due to a lack of availability, she is not interested in you and will only string you along.

You should stop talking to the girl and move on.

This prevents you from wasting so much time and effort on a girl that will only keep stringing you along.