Online Dating: What Are The Biggest Reasons For Unmatching Someone?

Online Dating: What Are The Biggest Reasons For Unmatching Someone?

Unmatching occurs every day on dating apps.

People get excited about a new match and later discover that the chemistry isn’t there.

A conversation with the match draws this out.

Regardless of how well you two match on paper, it doesn’t guarantee that a conversation with each other leads to chemistry.

There are certain nuances that throws everything up in the air.

A flow in conversation that isn’t quite right.

A topic of conversation that left one of the two feeling awkward.

A lack of empathy in an area that is of prime relevance to one of the two.

The primary reason for unmatching someone comes down to chemistry.

On paper, the two look like a match made in heaven, but upon talking to one another, nuances occur that makes the match not so heavenly.

This aside, bad etiquette is another big reason why unmatching happens.

A match who gets too far ahead of themselves, wanting to meet in person before the other match feels comfortable enough doing so.

A match who is too impatient in how they message, infuriating the other by sending multiple messages before they have received a response.

A match that persists in bringing up a topic that isn’t savory, despite objections.

Bad etiquette is perverse on dating apps.

Matches overstep their boundaries.

Despite starting on a good footing, one of them ultimately misbehaves.

Besides a lack of chemistry and bad etiquette, people get unmatched when a better match comes along.

Matches on dating apps are in constant competition with each other.

What looked like a match that was made in heaven is soon replaced by another match who looks better on paper.

It’s extremely hard to ignore matches that look better than a previous match, regardless of how well a person has been getting along with their previous match.

Even in circumstances where they have been out on a number of good dates with a previous match, the temptation to accept a new match who looks better is overwhelming.

This is where online dating is too much of a good thing.

Human nature is curious.

Human nature craves.

Online dating has given so many people a platform to meet a seemingly infinite number of dates.

This means that they are constantly tempted to talk to and go out with the next best thing, irrespective of how well it has been going with a previous match.

It’s a head-scratching dilemma for a wide population of people on dating apps.

In having so many options, every new match has the potential to be better than the last.

Since they are on the dating app to find the best possible mate, it’s almost impossible for them to not be tempted with the prospect of talking to a new match who looks better than an old match on paper.

Many take the bait, beginning a correspondence with this new match.

Inevitably, now that there is someone new in the mix, the relationship they had with an old match suffers.

They are no longer as available for dates and conversations.

Momentum is lost and an unmatching at this stage is extremely likely.