Online Dating: What Does A Guy Mean When He Asks You About Your Body Type?

Online Dating: What Does A Guy Mean When He Asks You About Your Body Type?

He wants to get a better idea of your physical build.

Whether you are thin, shapely or fat.

You either have photos on your dating profile that do little to show him what your general build is like, or he wants to be certain that the photos you do have of your full body are current.

One of the biggest complaints that both men and women have in online dating has to do with a person’s appearance.

There are people who misrepresent their body type on their dating profiles.

They either post photos from flattering angles that hide their body type or they post old photos from a time when they were much slimmer or better built.

Upon meeting them on a date in person, it’s shocking to see the difference.

Again, both men and women have been on dates where someone that they had been talking to on a dating site didn’t look like what their pictures presented.

It’s soul-crushing to have spent all this time talking to this person online, believing that they looked a certain way on account of their pictures, and realizing that the person was misrepresenting their real appearance upon meeting them in person.

Once this happens a number of times, it isn’t a surprise that people become a lot more cautious about a person they match with on a dating site.

This guy has most likely been burned in the past, having met someone from a dating site who looked very different from what they looked like in their pictures.

In asking you about your body type, he is hoping to protect himself from making the same blunder.

The last thing he wants to do from this point forward is spend the next few days and weeks talking to you, building rapport with you, then meet you in person and discover that you are 50 pounds overweight.

To men, a woman’s weight is important.

It’s akin to a woman prioritizing a man’s height.

Men and women have different priorities in what they look for in a potential romantic partner’s physicality.

For men, her weight is a factor.

For women, his height is a factor.

It is unfair to misrepresent yourself on a dating site.

Whether it is a man who is misrepresenting his height, or a woman who is misrepresenting her body type.

Misrepresenting yourself on a dating site doesn’t do you any good.

Sometimes, both men and women believe they can embellish the truth or outright lie about something, believing that as long as they build rapport with a person, that person will overlook their shortcomings upon meeting them in person.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

A guy who cares about meeting a woman with a slim or shapely figure isn’t going to be happy when he sees that she is 50 pounds overweight, no matter how much chemistry he had with her online.

Nor would a woman who cares about meeting a tall or taller man.

No amount of rapport building before the fact is going to make her feel like she should give him a chance when she meets him in person and sees that he is way shorter than he presented himself to be on his dating profile.

In these scenarios, both genders feel like they were deceived and this deceit, in and of itself, is a reason to no longer talk to the person who misrepresented themselves.

Posting up-to-date photos of yourself on your dating profile is nonnegotiable.

No trick angles to hide your body type.

Have multiple full body photos.

This shows the world that you aren’t hiding anything and reduces the number of times a guy feels obligated to ask you about your body type.