When A Guy That I Have Been Talking To On A Dating Website Takes 4 Days To Reply To My Email, Is That A Sign Of A Lack Of Interest?

When A Guy That I Have Been Talking To On A Dating Website Takes 4 Days To Reply To My Email, Is That A Sign Of A Lack Of Interest?

It is not always a sign of a lack of interest.

If he is a guy that tends to be really busy, he may not have had an opportunity to reply to your email until 4 days later.

If you observed that he was not active at all on the dating website during the time that you were waiting for a reply to your email, there is a good chance that he got caught up with something that he was doing in real life.

This may actually mean that he doesn’t have all that much time right now to truly date anyone.

Hence, you need to be careful in how you go about interacting with this guy.

If he is this busy of a guy in real life, he may not have the time to pursue anything serious with anyone.

Hence, he may be more willing to get into casual relationships with women who won’t require that much of his time.

His issue may not be that there is a lack of interest, it may be more so that he is only able to date women casually at this time.

In essence, he may be the kind that wouldn’t mind going on a date once or twice a month with a woman that he meets on a dating website and hooking up with her.

He may just want to approach dating in this way for a while.

If the both of you have had some good conversations on the dating website, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask him about what he is looking for.

In fact, at this early juncture, it is crucial that you do.

You need to get a better idea about the kind of relationship that this guy is looking for.

You shouldn’t simply accept what he wrote on his dating profile.

Even if it said that he was looking for a serious relationship, this doesn’t mean that he is looking for a serious relationship right now.

A serious relationship may be his ultimate goal. However, if he is this busy, he may just want to pursue casual relationships with women for now.

If a casual relationship isn’t what you are looking for, this guy would not be the right guy for you.

When a guy that you have been talking to on a dating website takes 4 days to reply to your email, it may also mean that he is just not that good or comfortable with communicating online.

He may not be the kind of guy that conducts conversations with people online all that often.

This goes for a dating website or even social media.

He may be the kind of guy that actually prefers talking on the phone or having face to face conversations.

Hence, a guy like this is not necessarily showing signs of a lack of interest when he takes 4 days to reply to your email.

He may just not be comfortable with communicating with people online in general.

If you have reached a point where you are relatively comfortable with this guy, you should ask him about what forms of communication he tends to be the most comfortable with.

If he tells you that he tends to prefer talking on the phone, this may be your opportunity to exchange phone numbers with him.

Again, you should only do this if you have reached a point with this guy where you feel relatively comfortable with him.

If indeed he is the type of guy who prefers talking over the phone rather than communicating with people online, you may soon notice an improvement in how soon he responds to your messages and in how often he initiates contact.