Online Dating: When A Guy Gives You A Closed Response And Does Not Ask You A Follow-Up Question, Does That Mean That He Isn’t Interested?

Online Dating: When A Guy Gives You A Closed Response And Does Not Ask You A Follow-Up Question, Does That Mean That He Isn't Interested?

It doesn’t necessarily mean that he isn’t interested.

Depending on what his daily schedule is like, he may not have had more time to keep the conversation going.

People on online dating sites only have so much time to communicate with dating prospects.

They do have lives outside of a dating site which often include work, friends, family, projects, errands, appointments, etc.

Hence, he may have given you a closed response and not followed that up by asking you a question because he simply didn’t have the time to.

Assuming that the both of you had already been having a back and forth conversation to begin with, his lack of a follow-up question may have had nothing to do with a lack of interest.

If anything, the initial back and forth conversation would indicate that there was a healthy dose of camaraderie being shared between the both of you.

Keeping this in mind, you shouldn’t panic at this time.

There is still a good chance that this guy will resume conversation with you at some point fairly soon when he has the time.

Also, do remember that you met this guy on an online dating site.

There is a good chance that he is conducting conversations with other women that he has met on the dating site.

This means that you aren’t always going to have his full and undivided attention.

This doesn’t mean that he isn’t interested in you.

Most people on dating sites are looking for their romantic match.

Oftentimes, this requires that they talk to several people on a dating site in the hopes that one of them will ultimately turn out to be the person that they connect with the most.

That would be the person that the guy would most likely ask out on a date at some point in time.

That person may be you or it may not be you.

If at some future date, he returns to you and opens up another conversation, it may be because he is trying to further ascertain whether you are someone that he can connect with romantically.

This is especially true if you notice that he is dropping compliments or even flirting with you upon his return.

Indeed, there is a chance that he will not return to you to start another conversation.

In a scenario like this, his closed response and lack of a follow-up question may have indeed been the result of a lack of interest.

He may have gathered enough information from his initial back and forth banter with you to determine that you simply wouldn’t be a romantic match.

Even if this is the case, you shouldn’t sit around waiting on him.

Keep engaging in conversations with other people on the dating site.

If the both of you are truly a match, there will be a future conversation.

If not, there is no shortage of guys on a dating site that could be your potential match.