Online Dating: When You See A Woman’s IG, Snapchat, Twitter Handle, Etc., In Her Bio?

Online Dating: When You See A Woman's IG, Snapchat, Twitter Handle, Etc., In Her Bio?

Some women who leave their Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter handle and the like on their bios on dating apps are looking for followers.

Some others have it on their bio to provide a greater perspective on what their life is like, believing that the dating app is too restrictive in what they are capable of showing.

These women want the guy to know they are real, with a real life. In turn, they want to know that the guy is real too, with an interesting life.

Providing their social media and receiving a friend request from the guy means they have access to what his life is like through his social media too.

So now that you have come across a bio with a woman’s social media information included, how do you know whether she is looking for followers or providing a greater perspective on what her life is like, hoping to gain the same perspective on your life?

A woman who is providing a greater perspective on what her life is like is normally going to leave a single social media account in her bio.

A woman who is looking for followers leaves multiple.

Let’s address the woman who is looking for followers.

Guys are drawn into a false reality when they choose to message this woman on her social media platforms.

They receive a response and immediately think they are special.

Truth is, depending on the size of her social media account, that response may not be her.

These women use their social media as their business.

The greater a following they have, the greater influence they have and the larger the income they generate from advertisers, sponsors, products, services, etc.

They have an entire group of people who manage their social media accounts and yes, that includes responding to messages from guys who followed the social media trail she left on her bio.

These responses don’t amount to anything.

Being that she has a large following, the responses normally aren’t from her.

The person replies just enough to keep the guy excited, hoping that he sticks around long enough to buy something from an advertiser, sponsor, or the like.

Soon, the replies stop and the guy is left wondering what happened.

When you follow a trail of social media left behind on a dating app, beware.

The bigger her social media, the less likely it is her behind the responses.

A woman who has a smaller social media following is more likely to be the one responding to your messages, but the intention remains the same as the woman with the large social media following.

She responds for a short while, hoping you purchase whatever she is promoting on her social media platform.

During this period, you feel like she is interested in you.

She is flirting with you and giving you compliments.

It is primarily an act.

As you get sucked into her charms, you are losing your inhibitions, increasing the likelihood that you purchase from her social media platform.

This period of conversation doesn’t last very long.

She loses interest when you don’t make a purchase.

Your messages go unanswered soon after.

Dating apps are designed to bring people who are looking for a relationship or hookups together, not people looking to increase their social media popularity in the name of capitalism.

Those who blatantly promote their social media accounts in their bios are showing that they have no interest in either finding a relationship or hooking up with someone.

They are on the dating app to increase their digital footprint in the hopes of generating influence and business to their social media accounts.

That’s it.

Seeing a woman’s IG, Snapchat, Twitter handle and the like on a bio is akin to seeing a woman’s OnlyFans account information.

It is there for promotion and that’s it.

Many guys struggle to get women to communicate with them on dating apps, as many messages they send to women never get responses.

These are the men most susceptible to eventually taking the bait when they come across a bio that has a woman’s multiple social media accounts listed.

They have succumbed to desperation, believing that following this bio’s social media trail puts them on track to finally communicating with a woman who responds.

Don’t be this guy.

Following her social media trail leaves you right where you started and in many instances worse off, as you have now wasted your valuable time talking to a phantom.