Online Dating: When You Match With The Same Person Twice?

Online Dating: When You Match With The Same Person Twice?

It isn’t unusual to match with the same person twice on a dating app.

The two of you already have elements to your lives and personalities in common.

The dating app’s algorithm knows this.

Not every match ends up communicating with each other or ultimately meeting on a date.

In sending you the same match, the idea is that you two get a second chance to connect, if you didn’t the first time around.

Sure, sometimes it can be aggravating when you receive the same matches.

Dating apps have spoiled us into an unending hunger for new matches.

But, receiving a bunch of new matches ad nauseum isn’t the only solution to helping you find a match.

Sometimes, sending you the same match from a while ago, gives you a chance to see whether a connection can be made.

So much of what enables people to connect on dating apps has to do with timing.

Given how voluminous dating options are on dating apps, it’s easy for matches to miss each other.

Someone sends a message, but the other match is still focused on someone else they are talking to on the dating app, causing them to either ignore the message or send a brief response that doesn’t lead to an extended conversation.

This happens on dating apps all the time.

Matches miss each other and never end up connecting.

When you receive a match twice, you have another opportunity to connect with them.

Matching with the same person twice could mean that your requirements for the type of person you are looking for are too narrow.

Requirements that are narrow enough to eliminate a sizable portion of the dating app’s subscribers.

Strict requirements in who you are looking to match with dramatically decreases your pool of matches.

When so many people don’t meet those requirements on a dating app, you have now made it likely that you will get matched with the same person more than once.

This person is one of a few that meets those strict requirements.

If you don’t want to have this keep happening on dating apps you sign up on, take a look at the requirements that you stipulate in a partner.

Are they emphatically stringent?

Are there requirements you can do without?

The less stringent and restrictive your requirements are, the higher the number of matches you receive.

No one is perfect.

Letting go of a requirement or two opens you up to getting matched with a larger population of people.

Besides this, matching with the same person twice often means that you deleted the person from your match list in the past.

When you do that, you put that person’s dating profile right back in the pool of prospective matches.

Which means that as the dating app’s algorithm searches for a match for you, it could come across that dating profile again and match it with yours.

The next time you are looking to unmatch people from your list of matches, take a closer look at those matches.

It is worth it to keep some of them around, so that, should the opportunity present itself in the foreseeable future, you have an avenue by which you can connect with them.