Online Dating: Why Do Men Stop Chatting With Women They Match With?

Online Dating: Why Do Men Stop Chatting With Women They Match With?

These are men who have had enough conversations with you to conclude that they aren’t compatible with you.

This conclusion isn’t mutual.

If anything, the chats have led you to believe that there is a greater amount of compatibility than what you had with him in the beginning of the text message exchanges.

Being that you two were matched on a dating app based on common interests, it makes sense that you believe that.

He thought that too.

On the outset.

He saw your dating profile and was impressed.

From your photos to your bio, there was a perception that you were someone he had compatibility with.

This had him excited about chatting with you.

The conversations that ensued eventually led him to a realization that the compatibility he thought would be there wasn’t.

That sounds odd, given that the two of you were matched and not without good reason.

There were common interests shared between you.


But common interests that are shared don’t always translate to having chemistry with the person.

Although you two appeared to be a match on paper, the conversations you had with him made it clear that there wasn’t mutual chemistry.

This may be baffling to you, given that you believed that the chats you had with him were good and he seemed to be in good spirits.

This wasn’t mutual.

He stopped chatting with you once he realized that the chemistry and compatibility simply weren’t evident.

This isn’t what he wanted.

When you two began chatting, he was hopeful.

After all, just like you, he is on the dating app to find a romantic partner.

He held on for as long as he could with the chats, hoping to finally notch up to the next level, establishing a stronger connection with you.

It never happened.

He eventually gave up on the idea and that led to him stopping the chats.

Besides a deficit of chemistry or compatibility, men stop chatting with women they match with when there is fiercer competition.

You are not the only woman he is talking to on the dating app.

He is talking to multiple women concurrently.

These are women that you are competing with for his attention.

Although you were having good chats with him, he was having better chats with another woman.

These better chats lead to him developing a vigorous connection with the woman.

He looks forward to her messages.

He intends to respond to yours, but he prioritizes her messages before yours.

They get caught up in conversation and he forgets to respond to your last message.

He tells himself that he will respond to you the next day, but alas, he gets caught up in yet another conversation with the woman.

Before he knows it, it has been several days and he is yet to get to your message and respond to it.

That’s when he realizes that the woman who has captured his imagination is who he should concentrate on.

Consequently, he officially stops messaging you back.