How Likely Is It To Rematch With Someone You Matched With A Few Weeks Ago On A Dating App?

How Likely Is It To Rematch With Someone You Matched With A Few Weeks Ago On A Dating App?

It is certainly likely.

Dating apps are fully aware that not everyone that matches always ends up chatting with each other.

Things happen.

People get caught up in other conversations that they are having and ignore matches in their queue, thinking that they will eventually get back to them.

However, matches can drop out of queue after a while of inactivity.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t get rematched with matches that you have had in the past.

Dating app algorithms do recycle matches.

This is how people often find that they have rematched with someone that they matched with weeks or even months earlier.

As long as the person maintains a profile on the dating app and doesn’t shut down their account, there is a good chance that you are going to get rematched.

The likelihood of this is also predicated on whether the person makes any major changes to their dating profile.

Making major changes to a dating profile can throw off the algorithm when it comes to rematching the person with a previous match.

Dating app algorithms are designed to match people who have the closet common interests and similarities.

The more common interests and similarities that a potential match has with someone else, the more likely the algorithm matches those two people together.

If this person that you matched with a few weeks ago decides to make major changes to their dating profile such as their search parameters, the qualities of the person they are hoping to match with and even the activities that they participate in as described in their bio, this can cause the algorithm to recalibrate the types of potential matches that it exposes this person to.

This means that you could be knocked out of this person’s potential matching pool based on new changes in that person’s dating profile that makes the algorithm believe that your profile is no longer a particularly good match.

Yes, there could still be some common interests that you both share, but if there are a lot more differences than there are common interests, the algorithm could deem your profile to be incompatible with that of this person.

Also, your chances of getting rematched with this person any time soon lessens when there are a flood of new potential matches that have joined the dating app.

The algorithm is always going to prioritize brand new matches so as to keep those new members happy.

With a flood of new sign-ups to the dating app, your profile won’t be given as much priority in terms of rematching with this person.

Major changes to a dating profile and a flood of new sign-ups that are given priority as potential matches are areas that you can’t really control.

These two scenarios occurring greatly reduce the chances that you are rematched with this person at this time or in the near future.

Something you can control though is what you do to your dating profile.

To help your chances of rematching with this person, don’t make any major changes to your dating profile in the coming weeks, if any.

A lack of any major changes to your dating profile means that the algorithm is able to find common interests between both of your dating profiles and hopefully uses these interests to rematch the both of you once again at some point in the near future.